It's raining, it's pouring...


Has anyone else realized how morbid the songs we sung as children are?
Ring around the rosie is obviously about the plague.
The Rainy Day song is of an old man dying. 
And then there's Humpty Dumpty. The egg inconsiderably committed suicide without landing in the frying pan for all the king's horses and all the king's men to have a decent scrambled eggs breakfast.
(I think I just made it more morbid?)
I'm off topic. 
I use a lot of powder products due to my combination/oily skin but...
(Maybelline Pure UV mineral pressed powder / NYX Blush in Dusty Rose / Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner / Benefit BADgal lash / Benefit eyeshadow in It's Complicated and Kiss Me I'm Tipsy)

...It's entering rain season where I live and to strengthen that fact, it's been raining buckets lately. 
Seriously. One simply does not go out and come back dry. 
(Yes, even with an umbrella)
I get paranoid with my makeup when it's raining outside. I start checking every reflection to make sure my mascara hasn't washed all over or there are splotches on my foundation that the rain has splashed off. After a few trial and errors, I've worked out a routine that's capable of holding up in a typhoon/hurricane. 
(Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation / Maybelline One by One Waterproof / NYX Cream Blush / Revlon Photoready Cream Blush / Maybelline Great Last Clear / Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray / Maybelline Color Tattoo)

I like to use a lightweight foundation when it's raining outside. Especially with the humidity that prevails - I already feel stuffy enough because of the weather, no need to add to that with my makeup.
II think it's the childhood memory of mixing flour and water to create a paste, I just think that all the powder products will goop up when coming in contact with the rain, so I tend to avoid powder products in general. Instead, I stick to setting sprays and cream everythings. 
The times that I need to use powder on my eyebrows, I seal them in with clear browgel/mascara.
As for eyelashes, WATERPROOF MASCARA. But if you have a beloved mascara that's unfortunately NOT waterproof, then no worries, just remember to layer a coat of waterproof mascara over that and it'll hold up in the rain.  

I used to love rainy days when I was a kid since "rain" was usually just a soft drizzle, and in the rare times it was a proper thunderstorm, I always had fond memories of hot chocolate with chocolate cake while watching The Little Mermaid. 
Now? I'm not so sure. I still like the light drizzle but when the rain is strong enough to overflow the river beside campus to flood the baseball field, one does think twice of loving rainy days.