Stay Tanned!


I love the healthy tanned look, especially in the summer! 
But if you're anything like me, you know how hard it is to STAY tanned. 
I tend to tan quite easily BUT my tan fades just as fast.
I remember spending a week in the tropics last year and getting the most beautiful tan - but one week back to rain and clouds and it's like my vacation never happened! 
But on the bright side, the hideous tan line on my face caused by my sunglasses faded just as quickly so I didn't have to walk around wearing my mom's old faux glasses. (I love glasses but hers were just outdated by a decade or so...)

Living in a continent that practically worships pale complexions, sunbeds and tanning lotions aren't the easiest things to find. So I try to make the best of the days I get to spend out in the sun.
After research, this is what I've concluded:

Exfoliate BEFOREHAND! 
By exfoliating beforehand, you remove the dead, dry skin cells and leave the nice, fresh ones ready to get tanned. After you get a tan, don't exfoliate as often AND pat dry your skin, rather than rubbing your skin dry - which is just another way of exfoliating. 

I know, you've heard this from your mother since you found out how good juice tasted compared to water. But by drinking a lot of water and keeping your skin hydrated, it reduces the skin from drying off and dying. And the longer you get to keep your tanned skin cells, the longer your tan is going to last.

Aloe gel - HURRAH!
For those of you that can get an after tan lotion, you could use that which would probably work even better. But for those of us that don't have an easy access to tanning lotion, try aloe gel. It calms the skin while hydrating it so again, new skin cells won't wither away and die. 

I love tanning but I learned to always wear and reapply sunscreen the hard way. Unless you want to turn into a peeling red lobster that wants to peel off your own skin, always keep a bottle (or two!) of your favorite sunscreen around. If you're going into the water, don't think you're going to be safe from the UV rays under the water. You won't. Find a water resistent sunscreen. Again, learned that the hard way and only had half my body sunburned...which unfortunately, turned out to be the side that I sleep on...

I hope that this post has helped those that want to keep a tan! If you have any more tips on prolonging the healthy tanned look, let me know in the comments!