This week...#1


01. last midterm finally done! I never thought four exams spamming over four weeks would be so exhausting..
02. I'm absolutely loving my new midi rings from galisfly
(nails: Alex by the Books - it looks more blue than it does mint...but that's just the filter)
(this looks like I don't have a thumb...I assure you, I do.)
03.Is this the cutest label ever or is it?
04."Again" by Hadley Fraser has on repeat the past few weeks. It's one of those "last confession before the wedding" songs. Yes, cliche, I know. But the way he sings the bridge and the last few lines...definitely check it out if you haven't heard this gem before!
(side note: I teared up when I listened to the song for the first time, so if you tear up easily...)
(another side note: check out the live version as well, it's absolutely breathtaking)

05.Found this old folder when I was (attempting to) clean my room. I remember wanting to be Ariel for the longest time. 
06. Sme people are done with the mustache thing, but I'm most definitely not. 
07. Finally got my hands on the bourjois healthy mix serum! I don't know what part of me thought shade 51 would be a match...especially since summer is coming. 
08. Bought this a few years ago, forgot about it and then dug it back out again when the rain season started turning my hair into Mrs Frizzle. (I miss that show!)


Seriously, how cute are these kittens? 
They're dust caps, if you may. Basically you plug the into the earbud jack on your phone/iPod when you don't have your headphones plugged in - to prevent dust for resting in the jack and paralyzing your phone or whatever. 
Anyway, they've been quite propulsr in Asia for a while now but I don't think they've made way into the west yet?