Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation


(the fancy french side - the language that makes things look expensive)
 I did a quick first impressions on the foundation post I did a few weeks ago and after a few weeks of trailing this, I thought I'd give you guys an update on the Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix. 
Like I initially said, I really like this foundation because it's so easy to work with. I usually use my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush to apply it. I don't really like using fingers to apply foundation simply because it tends to be more messy and uneven. However, I've applied this with my fingers a couple of times to test it out and it works great. In terms of application, this foundation falls into the fool-proof category.
The Radiance Reveal provides more coverage compared to the Serum, probably around medium coverage. My skin really evens out when wearing one layer but the redness of the blemishes will still show. I haven't yet been able to build this up to full coverage and I don't think it can be done simply because it would require an awful lot of layering (think: Joey from f.r.i.e.n.d.s wearing all of Chandler's clothes kind of layering) But I don't really mind since as it's just an every day foundation, I just apply concealer over the blemishes/spots that need covering. 
The only real problem I have with this foundation is the lasting power. When I wear this under my Rimmel Stay Matte, it usually holds for around four hours before my t-zone starts shining. On the days that I prime with Benefit's POREfessional, it can hold up another hour, two hours max before evidence of my oily t-zone becomes overbearing. 

Packaging wise, I prefer the original Healthy Mix over the Radiance Reveal. Yes, the glass packaging does look more sleek compared to the plastic of the original, but A) the plastic packaging is lighter in weight and B) I don't have to get paranoid of accidentally dropping the bottle on the ground and it shattering. Although I don't think this bottle will shatter that easy as it does seem to be quite sturdy. Another thing is the original packaging had an "elevator device" that would "push" the foundation up so none would be left behind (same as Benefit's Hello Flawless' packaging), the Radiance Reveal doesn't have that so I'm curious to see how much product will be left behind.
Like I predicted before, this is the foundation that I reach for most days when I don't need to look dandy fancy and am not going to be out too long a period. It does a great job evening out my skin and it's just so easy!
Summer weather is pressing hard here, so while it's technically still Spring, I've been able to test and see if this foundation would be able to be used as my everyday summer foundation.