Cool Down!


I don't know about you guys, but Summer is coming up strong where I live. We've had a week of high 20s to low 30s (celsius, which roughly translates to high 80s in fahrenheit). I love being able to get soaked up in the sun when I'm not in a classroom or in front of my desk studying, but the humidity and the heat just makes me want to roll around with the polar bears in the zoo! 
Living in the hot humid summers for over a decade, I've found a way to somewhat adapt to the weather and make it more bearable. 
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Go au natural!
Hemp, cotton and linen are the keywords I look for when browsing the racks for summer clothes. Silk, on rare occasions because they're more pricey and recently I've discovered rayon is also fine for the hot and humid months. These materials, usually au natural, do not trap your body heat inside the clothing. Polyester, on the other hand, is like a plastic wrap, trapping all the heat that's wanting to come out inside, leaving your skin hot and sticky and simply put, yucky. 
Hydrating will make you feel cooler. Just think of it as your body jumping into the pool when you drink the glasses of water. Another thing that I like to keep on me during the months is a cooling hydrating mist. I like to spritz it throughout the day to cool down the skin and leave it feeling refreshed. 
Find cooling makeup products!
A lot of products that are newly released in the summer advocate that they have a "cooling down" technique. Usually, it's because it's a lot more hydrating and contains more water in it. One of the products that I loved is Benefit's Hello Flawless liquid foundation. Immediately your face feels a lot cooler after application. But sadly, because it contains bismuth, I had to stop using the products. One of my skincare favorites is Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm, it's a gel that immediately cools down the skin while hydrating. 
Trick your brain
This is one trick that I like to use. When choosing what to wear on a hot summer day, I like to stick to greens, blues and whites - colors that look refreshing and cool. I tend to waver away from reds or bright oranges because when you look at them too long, I can already feel the heat radiating. Also, I don't think I have a piece of black clothing for the summer because while white reflects heats, black soaks up heat like it's no one's business. So mind over matter! 

Are there any tips that you guys use to survive the hot summer humidity? Let me know in the comments!