Creamy Dreamy - Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit Review


(I should've polished up the packaging and removed my fingerprints....sorry)
Creamy dreamy - I just really wanted to say that for the longest time...
I never really had a problem with dark circles until early last year and when I started realizing that they weren’t going anywhere any time soon, I started frantically researching which were the best under eye concealers. Almost everywhere I looked, people were fighting over each other to recommend the Bobbi Brown concealor and corrector. I remember reading various websites and looking at color wheel after color wheel and still not quite sure what was the difference so after finishing my exams, I made a trip to the Bobbi Brown counter.
The MUA was really nice and helpful and managed to talk me into buying both the concealer kit and the corrector.
I’ve had both for about a year now and can safely say I love one more than the other.
The packaging has the simplicity of all the other Bobbi Brown products, which I love; and the quality of the packaging is pure gold. I’ve dropped this concealer more times than I’d like to admit but it still as sturdy as ever. Especially on the mornings when I have to really put all my pre-coffee-mode energy into opening the darn thing. It has a mirror inside that’s useless when I’m doing my makeup but a lifesaver when I have to check if my mascara has smudged in the afternoons. 
The concealer, true to its name, is a really creamy and opaque. It was originally targeted to be used for the under eye area, but while some people love it, it was just meh for me. Was it good? It covered up my dark circles quite well, but at the price of creasing and feeling a tad too heavy. This concealer did sit at the back of my makeup drawer for quite a while until I had a really bad breakout (I always seem to have really bad breakouts periodically) a while back. I was using the powder in the kit (which I love) to set my under eye concealer and decided I’d try the other half of the kit on my blemishes. My blemishes were pretty dried out from the acne medication and had its share of flaky skin. Every other concealer I tried at the time magnified the flakiness and made that part of my face look like a caterpillar preparing to shed. But the creamy and slightly heavy texture of this concealer worked like a charm. It completely covered my blemishes with just a couple of thin layers and the creamy texture somehow managed to “tame” the flaky skin and leave it looking more or less like normal skin than a insect mid-shedding. 
I did not like this concealer at all when used for under eyes and had quite a few rows with it then (think John Watson and the self-checkout machine in Sherlock); but it works wonders on medication-induced-flaky-blemishes.
 Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer? Do you like it as an under eye concealer or let me know what’s your favorite under eye concealer!