Extra Life Indeed!


I never thought I'd be dedicating a whole post to a top coat.
I mean, really, compared to all the other interesting colors in the world of nail varnishes, a clear top coat is just boring. 

That's what I thought for the longest time. Especially since I kept buying crappy top coats that stopped shining three hours after application, or would result in more chipping than when I didn't apply the top coat. I stopped using top coats for the longest time and would always get frustrated when I needed to repaint my nails every four days due to the excessive chipping. 
Not wanting to throw away my money at a more expensive OPI top coat, I turned to Revlon and picked up the Extra Life No Chip Top Coat when it was on sale. 
I was doubtful, to say the least, when I painted my nails that night. 
But wow. WOW. Not only were my nails still shining bright like when I just applied the top coat. If this top coat was a doctor, it'd be a life saver in extending the life of terminally ill patients. 
I took one of my crappier polishes that normally had a maximum of two days before half the color on my nails were gone and was able to wear it for a week straight when this top coat was protecting it. 
I don't normally give this much praise to a bottle of clear polish, but this one has completely won me over. 
(Revlon Colorstay Long Nail Enamel in Rose Vintage)
Yes, it's not the best photo in the world but I thought I'd show you guys evidence of how this top coat helped my nail polish live longer. This was taken after wearing the color for eleven days straight. I would've been able to wear it for a couple more days but I got really tired of the same color on my nails....

Do you wear a top coat when applying nail polish? Which one is your favorite?