Il est fabuleux? Bleu fabuleux!


I don't really gravitate towards bold blues, but after seeing the gorgeous hype on Baker Street by Nails Inc, I just wanted to get my hands (no pun intended!) on the rich hue. The closest I could come up with was the Bourjois So Laque in Bleu Fabuleux

I was so excited to try this polish, and maybe I was over excited, but the first thing I did after opening the bottle was knock it over. I know, I have amazing motor skills. So after cleaning the floor and my limbs and using up almost all the nail polish remover I had, I finally got around to seeing if the polish that looked beautiful on the floor would look just as good on my hands. 
I haven't seen Baker Street in person but judging from what I've seen on youtube, Bleu Fabuleux isn't as deep a cobalt blue. BF is more on the lines of an iris-indigo shade (I held my nail up to the wikipedia 50 shades of blue). It's still quite bright and definitely a statement maker without being really loud, like neons. The formula is a bit thicker than what I'm used to but it only takes two thin coats to get a really opaque and shiny, almost gel-like finish. I did top it off with a top coat as from my past experience with other lines from Bourjois, they do tend to get scratched quite a bit even if they don't chip.
The brush is a dream to work with! It fans out really nicely and creates a beautiful shape at the bottom of the nails, so you don't get the jagged edge that you need to clean up afterwards or look like you have funky cuticles. The brush can almost cover my entire nail with one stroke and the bristles are stiff enough to hold shape while soft enough to slide on the polish. 
But what I like best about this polish is the color. I've said before that it's more of an Iris-Indigo color, but the thing is, that's what it looks like under this lighting. I find it quite funky as the color tends to shift from a richer blue to a softer indigo, depending on the lighting. This is one of those colors where I keep checking my nails throughout the day. It's definitely a color you should check out in person, even if you don't normally gravitate towards blues. 
(And it goes really well with my dolphin ring!) 
I think this polish has opened the door of blue polishes for me! Have you tried Baker Street or any other bold blues? Let me know which ones you liked in the comments! 
(And a geek out moment: does anyone know which blue polish is most like a TARDIS blue?)

Disclaimer: I don't speak any french other than telling people my name and then butchering the names of the characters from les mis.