Laura Mercier Summer 2013 Folklore Launch


I was lucky enough to be invited to the Laura Mercier Summer 2013 Folklore collection launch here in Taipei last week and I thought I'd share the amazing time I had there.
One of the makeup artists I befriended a few months earlier called me a week before and convinced me to attend the event. I've always been a fan of Laura Mercier's products and doing a bit of research on this collection, I was really excited! One of my favorite things about summer is you get a chance to rock a great tan and bust out the bronzers. Living in Asia where people will kill (not literally! I hope) to buy products that will make you pale, it's rare to see a whole collection that targets the golden, bronzed look to be imported. 
I wore a bare face to the event as I knew they would be demonstrating the new collection. I was immediately sat down and had a MUA, Pheobe, come over and work on me. She started off with the basic skincare - cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizer. She explained every product and how it would target the problems on my skin. I didn't know Laura Mercier did a skin care line and it could just be my wishful thinking, but when I took off my makeup later that night, the redness of my breakout dialed down quite a few notches? I really should do some research on their skincare line. 
(Look how pretty the collection looks! The rich bronzy earthy colors! Instant LOVE!)
After she was done with the basic skincare, Pheobe did my foundation (with my favorite Silk Creme Foudnation) and concealer (the Secret Camouflage Concealer). I've been wanting to try out the Secret Camouflage Concealer for a long time as it's the one Lisa Eldridge swears by. And boy oh boy, another product is being added onto the never-ending beauty wish list. She dusted some loose powder to set everything and when I say dusted, I mean dusted. She was so light-handed, I could barely feel the bristles on my skin! 
A senior MUA, Stanley, came over to work on the rest of my makeup. He was really nice and asked a few questions as to how I normally do my makeup, what look I wanted to walk out with today, my likes and dislikes. I didn't give him too many conditions - only that I wanted to walk out in broad daylight and not look like I was preparing to get drunk and dance all night. He laughed at that and suggested we go for the rich earthy, slightly boho chic look - adding deepness and slightly mysterious look to the eyes but still keeping it young and bright with a nice sunkissed glow.
He used Fire Glow - a pinkish coraly shade with fine shimmer - all over the lid, Earth Glow - a deep, rich chocolatey brown with fine shimmer - in the outer corner and a bit on the upper and lower lash line, and Sun Glow - a rich gold with fine shimmer - in the inner corner to add brightness. He then lined my eyes with the Creme Eye Liner in Canard - a darker turquoise - slightly extending it past my lash line. I've been lusting after this color since I saw the release a couple of months back. I even preordered this before it made its way into Taiwan, but due to reasons, I had to cancel that preorder. But seeing it in person and then on my eyes, I think I'm going back to bring this baby home some time soon. He finished the eyes with a couple coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes.
(I already have the gel liner as a late birthday gift from a friend. Thanks Annie!) 
(You can't really even see this beautiful color in the picture above???? THE HORROR!)
(the lighting was really wonky that day and these pictures really can't do the makeup any justice!)
(Also, I did not realize how bad the acne on my chin was until I saw this picture...they don't look that horrid in person???)

He used the Baked Blush Bronze in Ritual on my cheeks the bridge of my nose. He brought a bit of it up onto the cheekbones and temples, but keeping it mostly on the center of my face. I think he was most satisfied with this as he proudly stepped back, told me to look into a mirror and pretend that I just came back from the beach. 
When it came to the lips, Stanley initially showed me Folklore - a beautiful hot pink - and asked me if I dared to rock this color. It looked gorgeous on the other MUAs and I was tempted, but I really wasn't sure if I could pull off that color. I asked him if there was something more coral and he brought over Mayan Sun, a beautiful coral shade with a slight pink. 
The whole time Stanley was doing my makeup, he was explaining his process to Pheobe and me (the audience later turned into half the MUAs that were free - I think Stanley is an award winning makeup artist?). He was really nice and funny and gave me tips on how to better improve my techniques. I love talking to makeup artists so I grasped the chance and asked loads of questions - all which he gave brilliant answers to.
(same look, different lighting and slightly out of focus)

I also tried out the Body Bronzing as I was expressing my frustration on not being able to hold a tan to Stanley. When he first applied it on me, I was reserved to say the least. The color was gorgeous but it had shimmer in it. Loads of it. I looked like I was Edward Cullen with a tan! Stanley saw the shock on my face and walked me over to the window to see the body bronzer in natural lighting. I wasn't a walking disco ball but had a healthy glow with a gorgeous tan. I walked out that day with a bottle of this baby and $40 short. I know, $40 is quite a price to pay for a tan that you can wash away - but like I said, it's hard for me to hold a tan and self-tanners are practically nonexistent where I live. 
The experience was enjoyable to say the least. I made new MUA friends and got a really pretty make over. This collection really impressed me, with the exception of the Baked Blush Bronze. It's not that I don't like it, don't get me wrong, I LOVE how beautiful it looks and the color but it's just too dark on me. I do look like I came back from the beach though - with a sunburn rather than a tan. I think this would be gorgeous on someone with a darker complexion. I don't know, what do you guys think? All in all, if I had the budget, I'd buy the eyeshadows, the creme liner, the lip crayons from the line! If earthy golden tones are your thing, then go check out the Laura Mercier Folklore Collection!
(With Peter, the lovely MUA that did my makeup!)

This has nothing to do with makeup, but there was a Tarot Card Reader at the event that day. I was skeptic but thought, why not? I didn't have questions prepared so the Reader asked if I wanted to ask about my relationship life. I have no relationship life. Nada. Zip. And as sad as it sounds, I don't even have a guy in my life that I'm crushing on (unless you count the guys that aren't really in my life - like Aidan Turner and Benedict Cumberbatch.) So we did that question. Turns out, I'm going to be having quite an exciting relationship life next year. There's going to be an older man in January, someone younger in August and Mr. Right in September. For someone that has been single for the past 22 years, it's something quite shocking. I'm still skeptic but I'll keep my eye out and heart open I guess. Nothing to lose, right?

Have you guys had your Cards read? If so, how true were the readings? Let me know in the comments below!

I'm not sure if I need one of these but DISCLAIMER, I was not paid, nor sponsored by Laura Mercier to say these things. (I wish I was that important!) I truly enjoyed the experience and did love the products.