[Review] Bobbi Brown Corrector


The concealer and the corrector from Bobbi Brown always seems to come hand in hand. If you’ve read my review on the concealer kit, you’d probably remember me saying that I love one more than the other. Today, I’m here to express my love for the better half of the duo – the Bobbi Brown Corrector.
While concealers cover up the problems; correctors “correct” (hence the name) the darkness under the eyes by using the color wheel theory – the colors opposite each other on the color wheel will cancel each other out.
I remember being quite skeptical about this product when I first bought it. I was quite reluctant to buy it but thankfully, was convinced to do so by the sales assistant. Like its counterpart, the quality of the packaging is superb and can tolerate me dropping it all the time. It does have a mirror and again, is quite useless but nice to have around when you need to sneak a peek at the cute guy sitting at the table behind you.
The corrector, I find works best when applied with fingers as it does warm up the product. Compared to the concealer, the corrector is a lot less creamy but at the same time, feels lighter on the skin, despite the density of the product. I love how this product gives me the bright-eyed, bushy tail look by brightening up the under eye area with just a bit of product. It’s a lifesaver during finals week.
I got mine in Peach, which is a shade too dark for me, so while I have to wear a concealer over it to make it look more natural. My sister who’s several shades darker than me, is able to wear this corrector on its own.  So while it’s meant to be used under concealer, if you get the right shade and properly blend it in, you’d be able to wear it alone.
It does have quite a high price tag for the amount of product you’re getting but I’ve had this for almost a year and have been using it an average of three times a week and I still have more than half, probably close to two-thirds of the product left so in my opinion, it’s definitely a good buy. It’s something that’s repurchase-worthy!