[Review] Rimmel I ♡ Lasting Finish in 703 Pear Drop


I'm a fan of anything that reminds me of the ocean. I've tried a lot of sea foam greens and aquas, and a few were quite pretty. But I've never felt like I've hit the jackpot. 
That is, until this baby came my way. 

It's called Pear Drop, but in my opinion, they should name it Sea Foam Green, or Ocean Princess, or something else that reminds people of the great bodies of water. It's a beautiful aqua blue with a tint of green and has a pearly finish. The brush fans out beautifully and can get an even coat that covers my nail in two strokes. The polish itself is quite creamy and a dream to paint with, as it glides right on and doesn't have weird clumps. It needs two coats to get an opaque finish. It doesn't take a long time to dry, about five to ten minutes, but note that I did use a fast drying top coat. I've been wearing this polish for little over a week now and it's barely chipped. 
It's quite a small bottle, but weirdly, I prefer it that way. I mean, I can't be the only one out there that hesitates to buy OPI polishes or butter London polishes because you know you're paying for a bottle that'll dry out before you even get through half of it, right? But that said, I can foresee myself using this color quite a lot in the future and now I'm worried that I'll run out too fast. Yikes! 

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