Summer Bright


Bright colors always remind me of summer. Especially greens and yellows. They're colors that make you feel happy without being overwhelming hot - like red and oranges can sometimes do. Or is that just me? Anywho, I've created two outfits below using two very bright colors - just to give an inspiration on how to wear more than one piece of bright coloring at once.
Summer Bright
(Rag & Bone Tuxedo Jacket / Nude Ballet Flats / Dear Creatures My First Picket Fence Dress / Zara Scarf / Art Youth Society Triangle Ring) 

The first outfit is more targeted towards probably an indoor event where there's going to be air conditioning, but you could also ditch the blazer and lightweight scarf to adjust to the summer heat outside. The fitted blazer and garden-style dress is perfect for lunch with the parents. And going with cream colored flats and accessories, you can tone down the brightness just a tad. 

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses / Favorite Quote Earrings / Converse All-Stars / Steffen Schraut Lemon Coastanca Pleated Scoop Neck Top / House of Fraser denim shorts / Bobbi Brown Bronzer / Essie Action / CK one Summer eau de toilette 
This is something I'd be more likely to wear. Why not add just another pop of bright summer color on your nails? Because of the already overwhelming colors, I'd keep the makeup quite simple and just wear a bit of sunscreen and bronzer to amp the summer look. Add a spritz of a fresh summer fragrance and you're ready to spunk through the day! 

I really love the idea of wearing bright colors in the summer. It seems like the only weather where it's appropriate to wear more then one eye-shielding hue?