Summer Edit Part 2: Nails


I'm going to admit, I had completely forgot that I had only done part one of the Summer Edit. So without further ado, here comes part two. 
Nail polishes have been in my life for almost as long as I remember. I still remember the clear plastic purse filled with 12 little bottles of nail polish my mom got for me one Christmas (of course, I was convinced that it was Santa Claus that brought me the present after he slid down the chimney - of course, I completely ignored the fact that we didn't have a chimney...) Of course, the polishes were really crappy and I'd have lumps on my nails. But I didn't care as I had beautifully (albeit, badly) painted nails. 
Anywho, fast forward a decade and a few years, I'm here and sharing some of my favorite colors for the hot, humid season. 
Blues and Greens are my favorites as I was never really a pink person in the first place. Plus, blues and greens always remind me of the ocean and since they tend to be more cooled toned, I always feel a lot cooler when I look at them. Mind over matter, it always works. 
Essie Bikini so Teeny is a soft baby clue with hints of fine shimmer. The fine hints of shimmer gives the polish a soft, tiny hint of frost, that doesn't shout winter, but has the hint of a cool breeze. Rimmel Pear Drop (full review here) reminds me of sea foam green, and any color that reminds me of the huge pools of water is always great for cooling down. Bourjois Bleu Fabuleux (full review here) is a rich, bold blue that isn't overwhelming and reminds me of when I was scuba diving 15 feet under and seeing the amazing coral reefs all around me. Models Inc Emerald City is a green glitter polish. It's a vibrant green that does remind me of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. I don't normally wear a lot of glitter polishes, but I like to wear them more in the summer as the sunlight reflects and bounces off the flecks beautifully. 
I don't normally wear a lot of reds and oranges but summer just makes an exception to these warm colors. What I look for when picking these colors is that they won't add to the heat when you look at them (again, mind over matter.) Revlon Marmalade is a beautiful coral that has a slight orange undertone. It's one of those colors that change from slightly coral to a more orange under different lighting. Plus, the finish is beautiful and can last for a week at least, even without a top coat. Homei Orange is a bright, vibrant orange that screams summer. I think Homei is a local Taiwan brand, so I'm not sure if you can get this elsewhere. Skinfood #1 is initially used for pedicures, so maybe that's why the color is so vibrant and opaque. It's a beautiful hot pink. Summer is the season for hot pinks, isn't it? 
I also like pastels for summer, but I felt like they were too Spring for the Summer Edit. What are your favorite nail colors for summer? 

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