Where to Find Me


No, we're not playing hide-and-seek. Nor are we playing "Where's Waldo?" Otherwise, I'd probably lose since I'm telling you where you can find me.
Sorry, I just really wanted to use those lines when I decided I would post this. 

Anywho, Google reader is leaving us and I'm sure you've read of it elsewhere. 
So to keep up with my newest posts, be sure to head over to bloglovin and follow me there! 

Otherwise, you can also get personal with me and follow me on twitter. And when I say personal, I mean this is my personal twitter account so there will be moments when a lot of you will not be understanding what I'm spazzing out about. But hey, it's a place to get new friends, right? Plus, I'm new on twitter and tweeting. It used to be a locked account as it was mostly used to reach out to people that don't know I exist. 

Also, feel free to email me at peanutbutterandchocolatelife@gmail.com! I'm always open to blog collaborations so if you have an idea, pitch them my way! 

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