[Review] Bliss In a Tube - MAC Coral Bliss


I've said quite a few times that I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to lip products, but I believe that it's all about to change. As a person that is unable to use NARS blushes without wanting to scratch my face off (darn Bismuth allergies!), I always felt like I was a product away from calling myself a true beauty blogger. Well, I'm still hesitant to call myself a beauty blogger, but I feel one step closer to the title as I purchased my first ever MAC lipstick.
I don't remember what finally pushed me over the edge, but one morning, I just woke up and suddenly had a huge urge to want to own a MAC lipstick. It wasn't just lust. It was the strong I NEED TO HAVE IT OR I'LL THROW SOMEONE OUT THE WINDOW need. That's not even a slight exaggeration. I was moving around my schedule so I could get myself to a MAC counter within 24 hours. 
30 hours later, I came home satisfied with the black little box.
I wanted to get See Shore or Crosswires, but the MACs here didn't import the former and the latter wasn't in stock. So naturally, as impatient as I was, I needed to get a product in my possession, even if it was a different color. 
So picking up almost every tube to see the name and loads of swatching later, I went with Coral Bliss.
It's a beautiful coral that's more pink and orange. It's a great color for people that are just venturing into the world of corals and bright lips. It's a cremesheen lipstick which has a medium finish that can be built up to a full coverage. It has a semi-glossy finish and doesn't dry out my lips with a lasting power for around 3 hours.  It's a beautiful beautiful coral and I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it! You can see an example here. For a first purchase, I'm more than happy with it! 
I can definitely see myself getting more MAC lipsticks....not the best news for my wallet! 
What are your favorite colors from MAC? Any must haves? 

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