Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Review


I never thought I needed eye creams. I thought eye creams were for more mature skin, not for someone who's only 22. But one day, I was browsing the Origins counter and the lady pointed out that I had quite a few fine lines and the skin under my eyes were dehydrated. For the next three days, I kept holding a mirror crazy-close to my face and studying my under eye area. Yup, it was true. I could no longer boost of being young and not needing any extra products.
I started using the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream starting last winter and really loved it. But with summer coming around the corner, I wanted to switch to a lighter cream. I dug out the small sized Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream that I got the same time I did the Extra Repair. I remember not loving this product when I first tried it out because it didn't feel like it was doing anything. But winter left and summer came, and this eye cream is just right for the job! It's very hydrating and doesn't leave a greasy vail behind. It also absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and you can almost immediately feel your skin drinking up the water and feeling hydrated. I only apply this at night, but the sales at the Bobbi Brown counter said that you could wear this under makeup in the day. Personally, I'm not a fan of wearing creams during the day and I just stick to my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Roll-On, but I think if you have drier skin or is used to applying creams for the day, then this product would be a great night-and-day eye cream.
I'm still trying to find a cooling, hydrating eye cream for the summer. I've heard the Origins Ginzing eye cream is amazing, has anyone tried it? Or if you recommend another product, leave a message in the comments!