[Guest Post] DIY Tropical Hydration Mask


Hello, readers of Daphne's blog! I'm Debbie and I write regularly over at Shapes & Sizes,
My blog about life, style, and beauty. Since Daphne is such a busy girl
these days I offered to write a post for her. Just days before I was
having a random bad skin day with horribly dry skin for reasons still
unknown to me, and I came up with my own version of a moisturizing face
mask and we thought it would be perfect to share on her blog. So enjoy
my little DIY tutorial on how to make your own moisturizing face mask
with items that some of us may have at home, and if you don't they're
really easy to get your hands on. 

What you'll need: 
A banana
Coconut Oil
A Spoon/Fork
A Bowl for Mixing

 Step 1: Measure out about two large spoonfuls of coconut oil. I'm
never really all that precise with it, just make sure it's about that
much. Coconut oil is a very hydrating and natural option for
moisturizing your skin and even your hair. For this tutorial I used
LouAna because that's what I happened to have, but I usually use
something else for my skin. This worked nicely though.

Step 2: Take
one whole banana and mash it into a gushy mess with a spoon or a fork.
Banana is another one of those things that's really good for your skin
and hair. Make sure that the banana is ripe!

Step 3: Put them in the same bowl. Mix the banana and coconut oil together thoroughly. It should lighten the color of the banana slightly. 

Step 4: Wet your face with warm water and apply the mixture
generously. It's a pretty messy mask, so you probably want to tie your
hair back and maybe even put something to block it from touching your
hair line.

Step 5: Wait for twenty minutes! It may seem like a long
time, but you can always do something like write out a post, check your
email, watch TV. Although it's probably better to stay with your face in the air, so laying in bed listening to music or soaking in the bath tub would be ideal

Step 6: Rinse your face with warm water. Make sure you get all the pieces off, because as I said it can get pretty messy. Pat your skin dry with a towel, but do it gently. Moisturize your face as you normally would.

** If you want an extra boost you can rub the banana peel on your face, but make sure to rinse this, too!

I hope you guys like this as much as I did. My skin went from nearly crocodile dry to normal after using it just once. I really, really like the way that it turned out. If you have any questions you can find me at my blog, twitter, or email

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