[Guest Post] Playful in Pink: Perfect Blushes for Summer!


Hey guys! So we're doing something different today and I'm letting someone take over my blog for a day so enough of my usual rambling and let's get on with the show!

Hello, dearies!  My name is Megan from Little Miss Average, and I'll be taking over today's post for the lovely Daphne while she is being a busy bee with her new internship!  So, sit back, grab a cuppa, and let's talk about blush!
Now that it's summer, every woman wants the perfect flush from her makeup and not the heat!  While peaches and corals seem to be the color du jour for Summer 2013, nothing can beat the classic beauty of a pink that pops!  Today, I'm going to show you three essential pinks, each with a different wear, that you should have in your makeup bags to give you that gorgeous summer glow!

The first blush pictured here is the Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll.  It's a gorgeous baby doll pink with shimmering gold veins that run through it. As it is a baked mineral blush, it has a very dusty consistency that means you'll need to build up the product a bit to get it to the right shade. However, when you do, it gives the skin a gorgeous, illuminated sheen that is fantastic for both night and day!  Using a large blush brush, apply this to your cheekbones, and give a small touch to other places that naturally get hit by light, like the temples, tip of the nose, and tip of the chin!  It would look especially fantastic on paler skin to give you a glowy, fairy look!
The next is Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting. It is a fantastic rosy pink with a more ruddy undertone.  It's a cream to powder blush, so that means it goes on smooth with just your fingers, but it will set much as your usual powder blush would, just a bit more dewy!  To apply it, blend it well over just the apples of your cheeks with your middle and ring fingers to get a lovely natural looking flush. I've found that this product does need more than one coat to build it properly, but once you find the right balance it makes the wearer look stunning! This one would really compliment medium skin tones!
The last blush I have featured is a powder blush by M.A.C. in Dollymix.  This blush is a true hot pink, so definitely take note of that before you decide to wear it!  Since this is a standard powder blush, your favorite blush brush or kabuki brush will be just the thing to deftly apply the color!  This color can be applied with a light hand from the cheekbones back into the hairline for a bright zing of tint that screams summer!  To make sure you don't end up looking too clownish, pair it with either a neutral eye or lip!  This blush would look very bombshell on women with darker complexions!

So there you have it, beauties! Three super lush pink blushes that are absolute makeup bag essentials if you want a fresh, pink look for the summer!  I hope all of you fabulous readers have a gorgeous, rosy pink summer! xx

Thank you, Megan, for taking over my blog for a day! I hope you guys love this post as much as I do!  Megan's one of the sweetest bloggers I've met to date and you guys should totally check out her quality blog if you haven't already! Go go go!
But before that, what are your summer blush choices? Are you a coral person or like Megan, a pink person?

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