June Favorites 2013


I'm not going to lie -  June did not fly by for me. June dragged her heels and procrastinated ending. 
But now that it's over, I'm kinda missing it. I ended my last semester of the standard four years of uni in June and it means that we're halfway through 2013. 
Am I the only one that's freaking out over that? 
Okay, enough with that ramble and onto the real reason why you lovelies are reading this post.

 June wasn't the best month for me and with the finals, my beauty routine was quite...well, routine and simple. 
But I still had a few favorites, basically the things that went on my face most days. 
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
I suffer from routine breakouts during exams sessions so while most days I'm just going to the nearest cafe to study, I just throw on a bit of this concealer to cover the pesky redness. As I said in the review, it does tend to dry out medication-covered blemishes quite a bit so what I do is use an ultra hydrating moisturizer under this concealer to prevent the flakiness. 
MAC Studio Perfect SPF 15 Foundation
I feel like I need to apologize for featuring this asia limited product. But on the other hand, it's just the Asian version of the Studio Fix, which I was told my the sales people at the counter was no longer being continued in Taiwan. I've never tried the Studio Fix so I can't judge, but according to them, the Studio Perfect is less drying and more hydrating.
I just use a light dusting of this to do oil-control and add a bit of coverage. It doesn't really cake up, but you do have to make sure you're not piling too much on as it has a pretty strong matte finish that I'm not a fan of. 
Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Pinched
I look like the walking dead around exam session, the only difference is I'll perpetually have a cup of coffee in hand. So to try and somewhat resemble like I'm still alive, I like to add some color. This cream blush is gorgeous and gives a genuine glow. 
NYX Blush in Dusty Rose
I've raved about the cream blush from NYX, but I've been loving the powder counterpart from the brand! It's hard to imagine it's from the drugstore when it's amazingly high quality and pigmented. It's quite a classic Rose and can be built up for a dramatic flush. I was really sad that this and Terra Cota were the only colors left on the shelves when I hauled them from America. 
 L'Oreal The Touche Magique
I don't get enough sleep during exam session. Who gets enough sleep during exam session?? I didn't expect to like this as much when I first bought it. I thought the coverage would be quite sheer and the highlighting effect would be a scam - then why did I buy it? It's Maybelline counter part was all the rave on youtube, and if I couldn't get my hands on that, I'd get my hands on these. 
I love this product! I freaking love this product! This shade is more of my winter shade so it does need to be mixed with a darker shade of concealer but on it's own, the coverage is quite well! And the highlighting part is definitely not a scam. I also like to use this as a highlighter on the tops of my cheek and down the bridge of my nose. 
Cover Girl Clump Crusher in Waterproof
This stuff is amazing! The crushes clumps alright! I didn't think I'd like this mascara when I saw the wand. Most of the mascaras I love have wands that are all over the place - but this one barely had any bristles! They were small nubes! But wow. One morning, for experiment's sake, I kept coating my lashes with this mascara - I think I coated them at least a good dozen and a half. And still, NO CLUMPS. That's how amazing this mascara is! 
The only reason I don't use it more often is that I stupidly picked this up in brown instead of black.
NYM's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is one of those things I swear by. It's also one of the things that gets me through exam session without looking I walked through a dumpster. 
I'm not the most diligent person when it comes to washing my hair during exam session and I can usually go through the day without people questioning my hygiene because of dry shampoo. This month, I've been loving the NYM. Not only is the packaging really cute, it's also a huge bottle for a really cheap amount! It doesn't leave the tell-tale white residue and adds volume while removing the yucky grease. I'm almost out of this bottle, so I'm rationing it until I know how I can get my hands on another bottle here. 

How was June for you guys? What were some of your favorite products? Leave me a comment with your link if you did one of these posts! 

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