Peeping Tom Agreement Part 2 - What's In My Bag?


A few people mentioned that they wanted to see what I hauled around on a daily basis so, to satisfy the stalkers in you, I'm here, signing another Peeping Tom Agreement with you guys. 
I switch between a couple of bags, depending on how I feel. But lately, I've been reaching for this beautiful patchwork bag to carry around my essentials (and more!) I don't use this bag for my internship as it doesn't fit my laptop and let's face it, the most important thing in my internship bag is what kinda snack I'm going to bring today.
Anywho, back to the patchwork bag. I got this in a little local shop for around $20 and I've had it close to two years! Compared to designer bags, I'd rather get a unique bag that screams ME. 
You guys have all seen my planner before. I've been slacking on updating it the past few weeks so now I have a lot of post-its with reminders stuck to my laptop...
I like to always carry around my notebook and pencil case with me so I can jolt down plotlines, blogging ideas, or just doodle and pretend I'm hard at work whenever. 
My Easy Card, which is basically my bus+MRT (subway) card. I keep the unnecessary long band attached because it increases the chances of me grasping hold of it in my ridiculously mess of a bag. 
I've been a big fan of Fossil Wallets since I got my first one 3 years back. I got it for 75% off in the clearance rack and it's lasted me a good 2.5 years. I would've still been able to use it except for the fact that the suede was already all tattered and worn away, and looked kinda disgusting. I got this one as a 22nd birthday present from my dad and I just love how colorful it is!
I'm falling into the habit of bringing a reusable water bottle with me when I go out - to be green and have water whenever you need it. Plus, this one comes with a straw, everything tastes better with a straw. 
Last, my keys. I've had Spot, my TY keychain for years now. And while it's tag has already worn away, Spot is still faithful in looking after my keys.
With summer heat on full blaze, I like to keep a travel-sized deodorant and sunglasses in my bag at all times. A huge girly scrunchie is nice to have around because it'll never get lost in the chaos of my bag. Also a few rubber hair bands and bobby pins stored away in an old mint tin printed with crude words that should not be shown on my blog always come in handy when I want to pull my hair into a side braid or something more fancy than a ponytail.
I have reading glasses. Yes, make fun if you will, it does make me sound like I'm 60. But because I'm slightly far-sighted in my right eye and slightly near-sighted in my left, I need these glasses to help elevate the stress on my eyes when I read. 
A spare necklace that's most likely there because I forgot to take it out. 
You can find at least one tampon in each of my bags. I can never remember the exact date my period is going to come, and with my constant swapping of bags, I like to make sure I'm prepared. 
The two white ziplocks with a moose printed on them contains the latex bands I need for my braces. They're painful and I always "forget" I need to put them on. Not the most diligent patient here...
That bag between the tampon and deodorant is my traditional herbal medication. I've been going to a traditional Chinese doctor to regulate my "chi" and help deal with the breakouts that won't pester away. I've been at it for a month now and my skin has been clearing up bit by bit. 
 One must always prepare a snack, just in case you get really hungry or need a sugar rush. My choice of the day was Fruit by the Foot. I freaking love this, not only because it tastes good, but I also get to pretend I'm seven again and have a really long and red tongue. 
 My iPod touch and cellphone. I used to have a iPod classic before it decided that its days were over. I really miss the 160GB space it had but I love the touch screen on my iPod touch 1st gen. 
My makeup bag is pretty boring - I carry around a couple more lip products than I actually need, my Naked Basics palette only for the huge mirror inside, a small tin of hand cream, and concealer, just in case I need to touch up. I also usually carry around blotting papers, but for some reason, it's missing from the picture. 
That's it. That's my bag. And yes, I realize I carry around a lot of unnecessary crap in my bag. I also realize that I'm carrying around the weight of a small brick at times. But I feel really unsettled when my bag doesn't have weight to it. Is that weird? 

Anywho, I hoped you enjoyed Peeping Tom Agreement Part 2. Let me know if you signed your own Peeping Tom Agreement! Do you prefer designer bags or "indie" bags?
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