[Review] Fiberwig Paint-On Lashes


It's one of the best selling mascaras here but I'll be honest with you, I'd forgotten I'd had this mascara for the longest time. It sat at the back of my drawer, not because it was horrible, but because it was too good. 

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. But here's the thing, I have pretty long lashes. And for the longest time, I never curled them. So I remember first getting this mascara, not noticing that it was a lengthening one, and put it on without curling my lashes. 
I looked in the mirror and just wasn't wowed by it. I have straight lashes and what I look for in a mascara is volume. This one didn't give me any, nor did I see any difference in my lashes. But I didn't have time to take it off before I had to go out. 
So I went out with what I thought was a useless mascara. 
When I put my sunglasses on, I could feel my lashes hitting the lens. And then I felt my top and bottom lashes tangling together almost every time I blinked. 
It was getting too annoying to handle, so the first thing I did after taking off my mascara was chuck the darn thing into the back of my drawer.
Fast forward a couple of months...(yes, I ignore the "throw out your mascara after 6 months" rule) and I've learned the importance of curling my lashes. I was cleaning out my makeup drawer one day and saw his deserted tube. While I still almost always opt for volumnizing mascaras, there have been times when I've wanted the whispy long lashes but just didn't have any on hand. So I curled my lashes and applied a couple of coats and wow. Just...WOW. This mascara has little fibers in it that literally "extends" your eyelashes, making them insanely longer while keeping them beautifully natural. 
Unless you have naturally curled lashes, I'd strongly suggest you curl your lashes before using this, otherwise you'll probably get the tangled lashes effect as I did. The formula, while not waterproof, holds up in the heat and doesn't smudge more than any other mascara I've tried. There will be the slightest tint of panda eyes after 12 hours, but nothing major. 

The yuckest thing about this is when you remove the mascara and you can see the tiny little fibers on your cotton pad. They just look like icky little skinny worms. (Sorry for the image, I just had to share the cringe) 
I've been using this mascara a lot more after rediscovering it. I don't know if you can get this mascara outside of Asia though? 

On a somewhat related note, I've reached 100 followers on bloglovin! Thank you guys so much! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway to show my gratitude towards all of you, especially those that have stuck with me since the beginning (you know who you are!) But what would you guys like the giveaway to be? I was thinking a MAC lipstick of your choice from the permanent collection OR this mascara? Or should I just let the winner choose? Let me know what you guys think, okay? 

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