This Week #6


01. I'm still convinced that these clouds are made out of cotton candy and there are little fairies inside. 
02. Banana flavored chips? I think not. 
03. This is what happens when you suddenly have an extra hour and a sudden income of money! The two shades I've been hunting down for weeks. I had all but lost faith in See Sheer as some SA thought that we didn't have this color imported....
04. The aftermath of the typhoon we had last weekend...poor trees snapped in half. 
05. Look at the little TY buddy I found! 
06. Free all-you-can-eat gummy bears at work to stop us from feeling too stressed out! 
07. With enough sunlight and proper palm trees in the background, I can almost pretend that I'm on vacation.
08. This restaurant has the cutest salt and pepper shakers ever! 
09. And they have tic-tac-toe napkins! 
10. Little heart shaped trees! Need I say more? 
11. Pepperidge Farm and lemon infused water, trying to balance out the sugar with the sour; the unhealthy and the healthy.

I'm an interpreter for the Guinness World Record Adjudicator this weekend. Day one has come and gone, and let's just say that I don't feel like I'm working one bit! The Adjudicator was a pleasure to be with, so I'm really looking forward today! Even if it means that I have to suit up in the friggin heat....

There's going to be an exciting post coming up tomorrow so remember to check back! 

How has your week been? Are you doing anything exciting? 

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