This Week #7


01. So some of you may know that I got to act as the translator for an Adjudicator from The Guinness World Record. It was an exhausting two days but it was so much fun! And not to mention it was a super fancy car that drove me (well, me AND the adjudicator) all over town.
(that said, this is the older logo. They have a fancier, more sci-fi logo now)
02. Because other than acting as a fancy translator for the adjudicator, I also got to pretend I was part of the Secret Service with these ear pieces. Okay, it wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be cuz there was a lot of useless information going through when I was just trying to concentrate on chatting with the Adjudicator. 
03. Look at the fancy mint bowl! 
04. This floral (rose?) tea was so yummy. 
05. Was roaming the streets of Taipei one night and came across this amazing street artist that makes amazing paintings from spray paint! 
06. LOOK WHAT MY SISTER GOT ME. I might be kinda a minion freak....and I've had the Banana Song stuck in my head for every day of the past week. 
07. A huge ice cream cone is the perfect snack for when you're not able to concentrate on work.
08. As cute as it is, I'm pretty sure this restaurant is violating all kinds of copyright law.
09. Look at the accidental lip nail art I gave myself. 
10. It looks like moldy cake, but I swear, it's the best lemon cake I've had in ages! 
11. It wasn't until after I took this picture did I realize that Crosswires was the exact shade match to my t-shirt. Love the little coincidences like that! And I got bangs/fringe! What do you guys think?

Oh, and I'm sure you guys are probably bored of me talking about the Guinness World Record experience, but one last (probably) mention, I WAS ON TV! You can check out the link here. I show up around the 56 second mark. And for those of you that are going to ask, nope, the record was NOT broken. 
I'm so glad that it's Saturday, it's the first day in a couple of weeks where I don't have anything planned. So I spent the majority of the day lounging, taking/editing photos, and planning blog posts. 
How was your week? Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend? 

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