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Let's face it - getting eight hours of sleep is a luxury. These days, I mostly roll out of bed after hitting the snooze button a few to many times. Never mind feeling perky and alive, it's miraculous if I'm able to talk to you before my morning coffee. Well, that said, I can actually "talk" to you, I'm just not to be held responsible for any gibberish that'll come out of my mouth. Anyways, a better part of my morning makeup routine is to lie and cheat to the world that I did in fact, get my beauty sleep, so the bright eyed routine is very important for me.
I sometimes like the dark circles under my eyes as I feel like it "adds character", but when I have to fake that bushy-eyed look, I sadly have to rid of them. Most of the time, I'll mix the L'Oreal la touche magique with Maybelline Fit Me Concealer as the former is a couple shades too light. It's like a highlight and concealer all in one. Most days, it's enough to battle with the darkness under my eyes. But on the days when I need more coverage, I apply this over the Bobbi Brown Corrector
A nice shimmery white towards the inner half of the eye is a great way to bright up the eye area. I know a lot of other bloggers like to place it at the inner corner of the eyes, but as I have quite round eyes, highlighting just the inner corner just doesn't look that good. The color I have been reaching for lately is L'Oreal Infallible Color in Time Resist White, and Venus from the Naked Basics palette. But if I'm just not feeling the need to use eyeshadow, I'll either A) bring the L'Oreal la touche magique up to the inner corners, or B) dab a little of Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter onto my finger and blend it around the inner corner of my eyes. 
I never really bothered with curling my lashes a couple years back as I felt like A) my lashes were impossible to curl and B) I was bruising my eyelids more than I was actually curling my lashes. But as I always do, I suddenly had a change of heart and dug out this old dollar lash curler. It took a lot of practice, but now I can manage to curl my lashes on a moving car. Now how cool is that? Oh and for all the ladies out there that have lashes that are near impossible to curl, I've found out that if you curl them everyday, they'll get easier to curl after a while. I guess the eyelashes are smart and realize that they should just stay curled so they won't keep on getting clamped. 
Before I coat my lashes, I like to carefully apply some nude liner to the lower waterline to further fake the wide awake look. Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl liner in Nude is my every day go to pick. Another one that's been finding it's way through the routine is the Clio Professional Gel Pencil that's in a shimmery nude/champagne shade. The slight metallic finish in the Clio pencil catches the light and from afar, creates a more natural look, rather than the flat one the Rimmel pencil creates. However, the Clio pencil isn't that opaque and requires a couple more layers to conceal the redness in the waterline when the Rimmel liner can do it in one. Both these liners don't stay on for too long as I've yet to find a pencil that likes my waterline. But most of the time when it's faded away, I would've already looked more or less awake.
Last but not least, my favorite part, MASCARA! (Can you tell I'm excited?) I always like to go for a waterproof formula as mascara smudges quite easily on me. And the waterproof formula better holds a curl, so 2-in-1 benefits! My go to lately has been the Maybelline One By One Waterproof mascara, another favorite is the Cover Girl Clump Crusher in Waterproof. I don't know what's the magic in these mascaras, but both of them have the ability to go from Au Natural to lashes that would make a drama queen proud, all the while without clumping. Without clumping. Better yet, these two mascaras are to date, the ones that hold my curl the best (they're only slightly droopy after a twelve hour day), and with the least smudging. 
I always look forward to Sunday as it's the one day I refuse to have any morning meetings. Sunday is for sleeping in. Most Sundays, I refuse to leave my bed before 10 am. If I could, I'd be snuggling in my pjs all day with a nice cup of tea, curled up in my bed while watching Doctor Who on my laptop. A girl can dream, right? 
Are you a morning person? What are your favorite products to fake that wide awake look? 

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