[Guest Post] The Confessions of a Parisian Obsessive


Can you tell that I'm really excited for this guest post? I've been fangirling over Parisian To Be ever since I first stumbled upon it several months back. It's chic, it's witty, and Lillian is an absolutely doll who knows what she's talking about! I needed to have her on my blog! I never really obsessed over the city, but Lillian has a way of convincing me to love things I wouldn't otherwise. I'll stop rambling now and let you guys be wowed by her.
It always catches my eye, darts my attention, makes me want to flip the pages of a book,  or initiates a 'check out' click. Yes, we're talking about the 'P' word - Paris. Everything is better in the city of love.
As a United States denizen, my impatience with the rest of the population's obsession with teal and pink and the fact that shopping at J. Crew means I'll be sporting the same outfit as my friends and their mothers have initiated my obsession with every country - minus that of my own. Nevertheless, there's something about Paris in particular that makes me a little weak at the knees. At my repugnance, I've been urged to dish on my obsessive ways.
The first case - wardrobe shopping. Americans alike turn to Seventeen Magazine pour un peu d'inspiration, but - me? - a Google of 'Parisian Street Style' means that I'll be copy cat-ing the inhabitants themselves and will return home with a plentiful load of black cloth laden shopping bags.
Alas, I am a beauty blogger, after all, so the craze most likely concerns beauty. Anything with a sous titre of 'Paris' or a hint of 'made in France' distinction means that it probably is sitting upon my bathroom counter as we speak.
It may be a stereotype, but have you ever seen a Frenchy with bad skin? It may just be that I daydream far too much about City-Pharma, but I'll go with non. I dare you to count how many times you see 'made in France' in my stash, but rightly so. The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner earns top notch ratings for being one of my favorite skincare products of all times. While gentle, it's effective exfoliating properties,lovely texture and white and red-printed bottle means that it delivers a chic hint to my skin and skincare stash.
As I continue my American bashing, it's only suitable that I talk about makeup. The tradition of teenage, non-experienced lads call themselves YouTube 'beauty gurus' makes me shudder. Albeit, let's not forget about the typical American makeup. Call me far too minimal, but my daily slap will not resemble that which you'll see on Pinterest of smoky eye makeup, but, rather, more than often a three product face-paint. Although she may be American, there's something about everything Laura Mercier that eludes to my wanna-be ego. Maybe it's because their Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free means that I've got to put in a little extra time into my makeup with a primer and the rest of the shebang, but also means that I'll look flawlessly like I've got no makeup on. Then, back to Clarins - their Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector looks, again, natural, but the gold capped packaging can't help but make you feel a little more luxe and you'll have gorgeous lips in no time.
Now, let's talk about eye makeup. If you're a regular 'Parisian To Be' reader, then you'll know the occurrence of me playing with the shadows, liners, and black pigments is pretty slim - but I love nothing more than a coat of a mascara. I've tried loads, but the one that reigns supreme is Lancome Hypnose. Mascara is just as iconic to Lancome as peanut butter is to Jiff, but Jiff is all-American so let's forget about that. The 'doll lashes' claim initiates the perfect balance of length and volume which just couldn't ever look bad, eh?
As for the rest, I like to say that I've mastered the Parisian manicure - Essie Mademoiselle and Seche Vite Top Coat - and cultivating my own batch of macarons. But, they're are still a few slots missing. Count me out for achieving the perfect messy, yet polished hair style or having my own French chateau. I'm working on it...
Phew *wipes brow* - I've finally told the confessions of being a Parisian obsessive. Yes - the status may deliver some serious French envy and include no 'lounging in sweatpants' saturdays, not to mention eating my body weight in croissants and café au laits, but that's okay with me. I'll also try to ignore the fact that my brother refers to my all black wardrobe as 'motorcycle girl' far too often. Ugh - it's chic!