[Review] Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polishes in Meli Melon & Turquoise Block


 Yeah, okay, you guys are probably sick of me talking about Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polishes. I'd say I'm sick talking about them, but I'm not. They're just that good! They're the polishes I keep buying even though I keep telling myself to not buy nail polishes anymore since I'll have a hard time moving them across continents next month. I've been loving their Summer release, and of the 4 I own, I already did a review on two for my guest post over at A Scottish Lass. Today, I'm bringing you two more that I have been wearing nonstop since I got them.
Turquoise Block is a beautiful color that's true to it's name. It's a genuine turquoise that has the perfect balance of green and blue. In my head, this is the color of the gems that the royals of ancient Turkey had. I've raved about how great the brushes are over and over again, but I'll do it one more time. The firm, dense, and wide brushes fan out beautifully to cover your nail with one coat. (Except for the thumb, I still like to use two swipes for my thumb) 
Meli Melon is another one of those funny pastel/neon colors. Except this one is more pastel than it is neon. The soft orange color had me hesitating at first because yellows and oranges tend to make my fingers look icky and sick. But I'm glad I picked this up. It's a gorgeous soft cantaloupe orange that sticks to its melon name. 
What I like best about these polishes is that the colors are true to what you see, and they dry to that color as well. There's no lying and cheating when it comes to this. The only downside to this is the ridiculously long handle. I'm in a love/hate relationship with the handle. Because it's so long, it makes it easier to grip, but at the same time, it's harder to store in a shoe box. It's like the pesky little puppy that won't stay in it's home, and keeps wanting to come out and play. 
But I still love these polishes to death. I'll probably be shutting up about this range some time soon since I really don't plan on adding them to the collection before I have to move across continents..
Have you tried these polishes before? What are your favorite nail polishes at the moment? 

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