[Review] MAC See Sheer


Hi, my name's Daphne and I'm a converted lip junkie.
A month ago, I had a measly Lip Butter stash with two colors, one I didn't touch, and the other only applied once. But then something in me snapped and I picked up a MAC lipstick. And then I got two more. And then I got a couple more from Revlon, but that's a whole other story. Today, we're sticking to the MAC theme I've got set up. 
(the weather's so hot, even my lipstick is sweating...)

The day I bought this, I wasn't actually planning on doing any shopping at all. I had taken work off that morning to deal with some personal stuff and when that ended early, and I had an extra hour to "waste", I decided to pop into the nearest department store and have a stroll around. Right before stepping into the mall, I got a phone call confirming the pay that I'd be earning when translating for The Adjudicator from Guinness (Sorry, last time I talk about this. Hopefully.) (but seriously, now you guys realize how boring my life actually is when I only have one thing I can keep on talking about) Long story short, (because we both know if I start that story, this post is going to be a mile long) I was having a hard time deciding if I should get See Sheer or another color. And let me tell you one thing: a sudden promise of cash, an extra hour, and your rationality lost because it's too hot, isn't the best combination for your wallet. Predictably, I ended up walking out with two lipsticks in my bag and $42/1260NTD less. Today, I'm going to be sharing my love for See Sheer.
I have to admit, I was quite underwhelmed when I first saw See Sheer in person. In the tube, it didn't seem like a color that would wow me. I was about to move onto the next color when the sales at MAC asked if I wanted to try it on. I didn't see why not, so I sat down and tried my best to be engaged in the one-sided conversation about how great this lipstick was when he was lathering on a thick layer of lip balm (I think) and painting on this color. When he handed me the mirror, it took me all of my willpower to not snatch the tube out of his hand and stuff it into my bag.
It's a beautiful coral, one of my favorites actually, that's a nice balance of red and orange. Because of the lustre finish, it's a sheer coral that can be used all year round. It's really easy to apply and one of those no-fuss lip products. I always throw this into my bag, even if it's not the color I applied that morning, because I know that this will be my go-to color if the indecisive part of me decides that I need a change of lipstick halfway through the day. See Sheer is quite moisturizing on the lips, after a 10-hour day, my lips are only a tad dried out. I can go 4-5 hours before I realize all the lip color has faded away and I need to reapply. The only thing I don't love about this lipstick is that when I carry this around in my makeup bag on hot summer days, I need to make sure that it's completely upright, otherwise the heat will soften the lipstick to the side and leave scratch marks when I have to wind it out of the tube. And another thing, this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I'm not the biggest fan of the bullet packaging of MAC lipsticks. I like to store my lipsticks upside down so I can see the names at the bottom of the tube. But with the rounded bullet head, I'm not able to store these gems upside down, meaning that I'm not able to know the names of each lipstick by glance. Does anyone else have this problem? 
And here, have a picture of me trying to model See Sheer the best I can. 

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