The Neutrals


I remember my first eyeshadow palette. It was a trio from Maybelline that had a pastel green, pastel yellow, and pastel purple. It was fun, it was pretty, and I thought that it was a palette that I would be able to use every day. And maybe because I was 15, I did try to rock that easter egg look...once. Before reason hit and I realized that I looked nothing short of a clown with all the colors and no idea how to apply eye shadow. 

Here's the thing with eye shadow, the colors are fun. But in the end, it's going to be the neutrals that you reach for every day. And if I could go back in time to when I was 15, I'd tell myself to reach for the boring brown ones, then maybe I wouldn't have sworn off eye shadow for the next 7 years.
Of all the eye shadow palettes that I own (which, to my defense, isn't all that much...), the one that I reach for the most has got to be the Urban Decay Naked Basics. As it's almost all matte shades, this is the perfect palette to create that "What do you mean I'm wearing eye shadow?" look that I adore for every day (I know, sneaky sneaky). You can find my full review on this gem here. A new love is the NYX Natural Palette. It's a funny palette, there isn't really a transition color (mid-shade) color. But for a simple every day look with a bit more glam, I like to use the color on the far left as an all over base, with the second from the right color in the outer corner. My favorite thing about this palette is the gorgeous brown, taupey metallic shade that's second to the right, and the color on the far right is the perfect match for my eyebrows. No need to mix shades and guess anymore.

(is the lighting weird on these photos? I'm trying out something new, so let me know!)
Another good drugstore neutral palette is Wet n Wild Comfort Zone. It's a neutral palette, but the eight shades means that it can have a great transition from day to night. The greens on the right also add a great dimension to a simple neutral look, it especially brings out the flecks of gold in brown eyes. The definer shade on the right is a gorgeous shade, it's a deep navy/black that almost has a holographic vibe to it. I like using this as an eyeliner on the days that I want something different. The last palette from Majolica Majorca is the first eye shadow palette after the clown disaster. I've had this for years before I fell in love with it. The eye shadows set quite a high standard for the others as it's ridiculously creamy and highly pigmented. It has a white cream base that only recently I've realized that it works better when applied to the inner corners with fingers. A light wash of the bronze midtone color is my go to for a lazy day eye look. Because it's an Asian product, I'll give you a few color "dupes": the lightest shade kinda reminds me of MAC All That Glitters and the darkest almost reminds me of Woodwinked.
I honestly think that every girl should have at least one neutral palette in their collection. I know there are the cult favorites like the Naked One and Two, I'm dying to get my hands on them soon. I was thinking of doing another post with single eyeshadows and cream shadows. What do you guys think? Also, what are your favorite neutral palettes?

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