The Radiant Glow


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I go through a lot of phases. I used to crave a matte finish like it was no one's business. Anything that would oil control and leave me with a face matter than a concrete road (what even), it would definitely be on my wish list. 

But predictably, I'm in a new phase at the moment. While I still like my oil control products, I've been reaching for products that'll leave me with a more radiant, glowy base. On the days that I opt for primers, I've ditched the Benefit POREfessional and reached for Benefit that gal. Even when I was in my MUST.HAVE.MATTE.FACE phase, That Gal was always a favorite. The yummy raspberry smell is pure yumminess, and the twist up packing is seriously convenient. It comes out a baby pink, but when applied, the pink corrects the sallowness in my skin and leaves you with a bright complexion. I initially was worried that the pink would accent the red scarring on my cheeks, but even if it did, it was so slight, I haven't seen much a difference. The only thing I don't like about this is you can't see how much product is left, and when you accidentally drop it or bang it upside down, the product will "leak" out from the little holes and into the lid. The Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer is a recent addition. I have the small sized version and am finding myself to reach for it more and more. While That Gal uses color correction to brighten up the complexion, the Laura Mericer, while having a slight tint, mostly uses the pearly finish of the product to brighten up complexion. I still can't give my opinion on this primer as I've only tested it a couple of times so far. However, I've noticed that both these primers don't benefit that much in helping my foundation last longer. 
Finding a perfect base is hard. While a lot of people opt for BB creams (or to get along with the newest hype, CC creams), I've tried a few and they just weren't making the cut. I like my foundations light, but with good coverage. The foundation that I've been reaching for almost every day for the past couple months is the Bourjois Radiance Revealed Healthy Mix. I've raved about this foundation more than once, so I'll keep it short. It feels light on the skin, has close to medium coverage, and as the name suggests, leaves you with a radiant finish. However, it must be said that I haven't yet tried that many high end foundations that leave you with a radiant, dewy finish so if you have any favorites, let me know! 
Unless it's a quick run to the market and I'll be back in less than 10 minutes, powder is a must for me. I've had the Bobbi Brown Brightening Finish Powder for near a year now, but I've never really reached for it. Well, other than to take it out of the black baggie, ooh and ahh at how pretty the powder is before wiping clean my fingerprints, and putting it back into the baggie. I was always hesitant the pearly shimmer in the powder would accentuate the yucky afternoon shine whenever I got to lazy to blot. But when I was at the Pretty Powerful event last weekend, this was the finishing powder that the makeup artist used on me. And not only did this color correct, the pearly sheen blurred the imperfections while adding a beautiful glow. However, what surprised me the most was how well it controlled my oils. I am able to wear this for around 13 hours, only needing to blot once. Dear BB BFP, I apologize for ever doubting you, please don't ever leave me. 
With autumn just around the corner, I can foresee that I'll be still loving the radiant finish for colder months. I'm fairly new to this finish, so I'll always be looking for product recommendations! What are your favorite radiant, dewy products? Also, any highlighter recommendations? 

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