The Weekend Haul (and a declaration)


It's like I have no impulse control. As I literally have no time to shop during the weekdays, when the weekend comes around and I drag myself out of the house, it's like I'm on a mission to see how quickly I can spend all the cash in my wallet. Since they're in my ever-growing stash, I thought I'd show you guys the results of me denting my wallet over the past couple weekends.

 I was never a big fan of MAC as I thought of a lot of their products were overrated, and mostly because I never had great experiences with their sales people. But lately, I feel like I'm going through a strong MAC period. It was first the lipsticks, and now it's eyeshadows. They're ridiculously overpriced, but I just needed to have that little pot of glory. The ones I picked up were the cult loved Woodwinked and Cranberry. I've been using Woodwinked almost every day since I got it, pairing it with Venus from the Naked Basics palette to create a beautiful, simple, metallic look that's perfect for everyday. I have yet to use Cranberry, but I just couldn't resist picking it up when I saw how beautiful the color was in person.
Bobbi Brown, behind Benefit, was the second high end brand that I was introduced to, and the first that I treated myself to. Not only are the sales people ridiculously nice, they market themselves as a teaching brand, meaning that you can always go back for free lessons if you're having trouble using a product of theirs. And well, as we've already established that I have absolutely no impulse control, since I bought my first product from the brand, I've not been able to stop myself from buying more. As my friend said, One does not simply go into Bobbi Brown and not walk out empty handed. So being rewarded for spending enough cash to buy an organ from the black market, I was invited to the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Event over the weekend. It was 90 minutes of one-on-one makeup session that emphasized the Before and After (the tweaks the makeup artist did to better your makeup routine), a quick hair session to prep you for the photo booth. Now I'm not sharing the photo from that day, because honestly, it wasn't a marvelous one. But the makeup session was amazing. The makeup artist that did my makeup was hilarious and taught me loads. I loved everything he used on me, and if it wasn't for my lack of cash, I'd happily buy everything. I never knew my eyebrows could look so pretty, and after he taught me how he filled them in, I realized the brush I was using was too soft, so I had to get the Eyebrow Brush. The stiff bristles makes it so easy to fill in my brows (although I did spend near 90 minutes to try and recreate the look. It was the first time I was legit sad to remove the eyebrow makeup), I think I'm going to go through a brow-craze phase because of this brush. The price tag (950NTD = $31.60) is steep, but if I care for this like I care for my other brushes, I don't see why it wouldn't last me a good several years. Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in 02 Calypso Coral and the Creamy Matte Lip Color in 2 Jenna are the newest additions to my orange/coral collection. I don't care if Summer is almost over, I don't see why I can't use these in the colder months. The Pot Rouge has been on my wishlist for months, and now that I have this in my hands, I can't stop marveling over how gorgeous the color is. Funny story behind these two products (because we both know that I can't go through a post without telling a story), the makeup artist seemed to be convinced that I was a pink kinda girl, as the lipstick and blush he chose for me were both a dusty pink. When I told him that I wanted something more coral, he first convinced me to try on the pinks he chose first. I did, they were really pretty, but they didn't wow me. So he trudged off to get the corals, and was amused at how I couldn't stop looking in the mirror after he finished applying them. But I guess he's really a pink person, as when he was packing up my products, he still grabbed the Pot Rouge in a pinky hue.

The last thing I bought that day was the Long-Wear Eye Base in Light. Now I already have my Too Faced Eye Primer that works great for me. But the makeup artist pointed out that the dark circles on my eyelids were darker than that under my eyes (how sad), and because the Too Faced primer wasn't tinted, so when I applied lighter shadows, they'd all look dusty and rugged. He removed the makeup on my right eye first and showed me how fresh the shadow would look if applied over this tinted eye primer. I was sold. Plus, another main reason I picked this one up was because I was a small amount of money (okay, more like 800NTD worth of money) away from the gifts that they were giving away when you spent enough money to buy a fancy dinner. The Pretty Powerful mug was the first gift of purchase. And because I was happily spending a small fortune, I was also gifted the most adorable mini Hydrating Eye Cream and Vitamin Enriched Face Base. set, that also included a mini Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in 2 Sand. I've been wanting to try that compact for quite a while, but could never justify spending money to add another base product I wasn't sure if I'd like into my not-so-small foundation collection. So when I found out that they were gifting this in a shade that'd match you, I knew I had to spend enough money (No, don't you dare find a fault in my logic). So far, I've only used the Eyebrow Brush more than once, so I can't yet give you detailed reviews on the rest. If there's a specific product that you'd like to see a review on, let me know in the comments below! Did you do any weekend shopping? 

On a somewhat related topic, this girlie right here is going on a spending ban for the next month. (I feel like that declaration warranted a lot more attention) (Oh, and we are not going to ever talk about how much money I spend over the past couple weekends again)

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