This Week #8 (and a Sneak Peek!)


You know those weeks that just seem to drag on and you're not sure what's going on anymore? Yeah, it was one of those weeks. But the weekend's here, I had a lovely Saturday shopping with my mom. Retail therapy, that's the cure for an up and down week. 
01. A lovely afternoon strolling the mall strip in downtown Taipei. 
02. People helping each other applying facials in attempt to break the World Record.
(no one asked for it, but I'm still going to be writing up a post on this because I find it way too cool. Look for it to come live later this week)
03. There was a HUGE Iron Man outside the department stores and I might have had a little geek out moment. 
04. Any soccer (or as the rest of the world calls it, football) fans out there? 
05. I genuinely started flailing when I saw that the Revlon Lipsticks finally made way into the drugstores here! We only have 10 colors so far, but I still picked up two. Yes, I'm starting to become a lip junkie...
06.....Um, not the best thing you want to put on your phone case? 
07. Seriously. There are Angry Bird perfumes now. 
08. No filter. The sunset is just that pretty. 
09. My new favorite nail polish combo. Look for a post featuring my new love soon!
10. Went a bit crazy swatching. My guy friend was with me at the time, and he just looked at me like I had gone nuts. Silly boys, they don't know what they're missing out on. 
And a sneak peek....
For a guest post I'm doing for the lovely Megan at Little Miss Average. It should be coming live in several hours, but in the meantime, check out the guest post she did for me several weeks back on the Perfect Pink Flush.

Have you entered my INTERNATIONAL MAC lipstick giveaway yet?

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