August Favorites 2013


I have so many feelings about this month's favorites. It's the last favorites I'm going to be typing up in Taiwan for a long while. I just have a lot of feels okay? (Especially since I feel like my feelings were completely shattered this morning by George Blagden and tumblr) (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, good for you. I'm too involved in fandoms for it to be healthy) August was a relatively slow month if you compare it to the amazing July that I had. However, I'm glad for the wind down, two amazing months in a row would be hectic. I officially finished my internship last week (tho I'll still be writing for them so yay!), I finally handed in my documents for my student visa, and I need to get around to finally spending time with my family while cleaning up the mess of a room. I'll keep you guys updated, but for now, we'll move on to what I've been loving this month.
Makeup wise, there has been a few products on rotation but I've been sticking to a relatively simple routine that's able to get me out of the house in less than half an hour. Although I'm always ridiculously tired in the mornings, I still like to spend the time to put on my makeup. Now that I have to cut back on my coffee intake for health reasons, a morning makeup routine helps me pull myself together to get ready to tackle the day. 
I've not been sleeping that well in August so the Bobbi Brown Corrector is something that I reach for most days. I always thought MAC was overpriced and overhyped, but I'm in a MAC kick lately and I have not been able to stop using MAC Woodwinked since I got it. It adds a pretty definition to the eyes without being over the top. The Shu Uemera Eyelash Curlers have always been a cult favorite, but I never could justify spending so much money on a pair. Until I found out that they only retailed at $15 here in Taiwan. My mom actually bought these for me when I went shopping with her as she thought they were a good investment. I've not been able to put these down since then, my lashes curl with one squeeze, and the soft gentle curl just These are definitely a great investment.I was never the one to really be into high end mascaras as I feel like the drugstore ones work even better than the higher-end ones I've tried. But I gotten another sample of Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara and completely ignoring that I already have half a dozen mascaras opened and waiting for me to finish them up, I opened this one. I'll admit, I was more than skeptic at first, predicting that it would smudge pretty soon since it wasn't waterproof. But wearing it around the house for a full day and there was barely a hint of fallen mascara. Still testing the waters, I wore it everyday for a week, and still, this mascara does.not.budge. And at the end of the day, it's so easy to remove with makeup remover. It gives a great everyday fluttery lashes look that I'm starting to fall in love with. The brush is massive, but I love it as it coats every lash beautifully. 
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral first featured in my wallet breaking haul, a beautiful coral that's slightly more orangey-pink. It's the blush that I've been using almost every day since I got it, and I've gotten so many compliments on it. There will be a more detailed review coming up soon so keep your eyes open for that! 
Not one, not two, but three lip products in a monthly favorites? Who would've thought? Initially, I didn't get the hype around the EOS lipbalms as I felt they weren't that hydrating. But after getting through the first layer of "dry product", I've been loving my EOS Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry. I use this to prep my lips every morning before I put on any makeup and at night to keep my lips hydrated. Other than MAC See Sheer, I've been on a MAC Crosswires high lately. It's a beautiful coral that I'm sensing I'll be wearing a lot even as it's starting to enter the colder months. Another is Revlon Coralberry, there will be a review coming up on this as well, so I'll keep it simple: the day I wore this to work, it was being passed around to be tried on because everyone thought it was so pretty. (don't worry, it was wiped down before I put it back on my lips again)
I'm not a big perfumes person as I'll always forget to put it on. But the past month, I've been abusing Bath and Body Works White Citrus Perfume. I love these fruity, slightly tart, citrus smells and White Citrus is exactly that. I was initially doubtful on the staying power but I find that it last a good several hours before I notice that the smell has faded away. I also like to spritz this in my room, just to have that "oh yum" smell. I love bath gels, I especially love the massive ones from Philosophy. My first one was Beach Girl, that had a yummy orange sorbet smell. I was so sad when it ran out, and was more bummed out when I wouldn't get Philosophy in Taiwan. But late last year, Philosophy came to Taiwan and my mom surprised me with a Bath Gel trio from them. Field of Flowers is the first one I'm using, I didn't think I'd fall in love with this one because I'm not usually up for floral scents. But this one isn't at all overwhelming, and I just love it. It has a girly, slightly elegant smell that's supposed to be of water lilies. But I can't tell a rose apart from a daisy (Okay, I can, but you get what I mean), so I wouldn't know if it's an actual representation of the flower. These shower gels claim that they can be used for bubble baths, shower gels and shampoo. I don't know about bubble baths, but they're horrendous as shampoos. The one I tried to get my hair to smell like an orange sorbet, it turned up tangled and dry. Never doing that again. 

Overall, I'd say August was good to me. It was brutal to my wallet though. It's kinda sad how it was my last full month here in Taiwan and I didn't really get to spend that much time with my family as I was at my internship most of the time. It's also sad that I have to leave my internship, because as stressful as it was, I loved it. Anyway, I'll be enjoying the rest of my time I have in Taiwan and trying to spend as much time as I can with my family in September. So September, be good to me. 
What were your August favorites? Was it a good month for you? 

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