[Review] Revlon Coralberry: I'm Berry Into Coral


I vividly remember the day that I got the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry. As usual, I was spending way too much time strolling down the aisles of Watsons (aka a drugstore). The displays were the same, the products were the same, and yet, I was strolling down the makeup aisle for the sixth time in the past 15 minutes when Emma Stone caught my eye. There, tucked into the corner, was Emma Stone's face and below it were displays of 10 black tubes. Could it be? 
I almost cried tears of joy when I saw the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks up close and in person. The drugstore gems that every one was talking about. They were right here in Taiwan and on SALE. Swatching each color on the back of my hand and again, nearly leaking tears of joy at how smooth they felt, I knew I needed Coralberry in my life. But when I checked the stock...it was the one color that was sold out! The Horror! The crazy and insane thing I did? Over the next 30 minutes, I went to three other Watsons before finally hunting this down. A sane person might say that I'd gone bonkers, but I'd like to say that I was being a diligent beauty blogger.
So now the usual story is out of the way, let's move on to this lustrous tube of glory.
When I think of coral, I usually think of a bright, spunky color; but Coralberry is a soft, feminine, everyday coral that's probably on a par with the "perfect every day pink lipstick" that the Pink People talk about (did that make sense?). When I first wore this color to work, all the other interns were busy fighting over who was the first to try out this lipstick. It was passed around half a dozen interns, and I kid you not, one of my fellow interns came in the next day with her own tube of Coralberry. That's how pretty the color is.
The texture of the lipstick is like heaven in a tube. I already had a feeling of how smooth they were when I swatched them in store, but that did not prepare me for how smooth they were when applied to the lips. They glided on as smooth as an ice skater on a freshly groomed ice arena. But while they were smooth, they weren't at all soft and creamy (think Revlon Lip Butters), the product itself is quite firm which I personally prefer as it means it won't melt that easily. Always a good thing in the oven we call Summer. As all lipsticks do, it will cling to the dry, flaky patches, so remember to hydrate. I find that unlike some MAC lipsticks (I'm looking at you, Coral Bliss), you don't always need to exfoliate before using this as it won't worsen the condition of your lips, nor will it dry them out. The pigmentation of these lipsticks are amazing. I knew they were good, I just didn't think they'd be this good! All it took was one layer and the color showed up beautifully! Like seriously. I'd gladly pay MAC lipstick prices for Coralberry. Well, I'd gladly pay MAC lipstick prices for Coralberry on one condition - they need to change the packaging*. I like the black, sleek, expensive looking tube with the golden belt. But I never knew there was a clear window at the top of the tube. It's a great design for places that don't allow you to test swatch the products before you buy them as it gives you a clear view of the color, but honestly? It just looks cheap. So that little grumble aside, there's nothing bad I can complain about Coralberry.
Have you tried any of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks? Which was your favorite? 

*Updated with another backstory because I know you guys love them: I left this lipstick on the living room table earlier today and a couple of minutes later, my mom kept yelling for me. So I came out of my room and into the living room, and my mom said: "You do know that you have a lipstick that's sitting here without the cap on, right? You need to remember to put the cap on or it'll dry -" that's when she reached to pick up the lipstick and said, "oh. Clear window. Cap on. Okay. Who puts a clear window on their packaging?" Oh mom. I love you. 

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