[Review] MAC Lustering: I Lust for Lustre in Lustering


Um...so I didn't realize that this photo was so out of focus until now. But you can see the color perfectly. That's what's important, right? 
Talk about a mouth full for a title. But really, with a name like that, how could I pass up the chance?
I never thought I was a pink person. And then I fell completely heads over heels with my mom's old lipstick (see here). I don't know if the Estee Lauder All-Day lipsticks are discontinued, but I know that they're not available here so I've been searching for a dupe for Rich & Rosy. Along the way, I got sidetracked by MAC Lustering. I first featured this in the Haul of Shame a couple weeks back and a couple of you wanted to see a review. Who am I to say no to a blog post justifying me throwing money in the faces of capitalism? 

I was finding trouble as to how to describe this color other than just calling it a "really pretty hot pink", so I hopped over to the MAC website to get some inspiration and left being more confused. I mean, really, what's an "outspoken pink"? So I'm cleaning that slate and coming up with my own description that's probably going to be falling into all kinds of cliches. It's a beautiful hot pink color that has a strong blue undertone, which I really love because it doesn't have that "baby girl" pink feeling to it. I haven't been wearing this too much as of date, as I feel like it's too cool-toned for the 30 degree summers we have outside at the moment. But as the temperature starts dropping, I know this will be the lipstick I'll be reaching for. As you can probably tell from the photo above, it's a lustre finish, meaning that the color is quite sheer but can be built up for a more opaque finish. However, I find that with this and See Sheer, the two lustre finish lipsticks from MAC that I have in my collection, although yes, they are sheer, the color payoff is amazing. I love a good lustre finish lipstick because it's just so darn easy to throw on. 
(huge pores, blemish scarring, I'm only mortal. And it was a weekend morning with only cleaning to look ahead to. So cut me some slack?)
Maybe it's the "turn heads" bright pink, but I'm categorizing this color as a "happy lipstick". It's just impossible to feel down and upset when wearing this. And the no-fuss luster finish prevents that "taking 20 minutes to finally perfect that red/bold lip just to accidentally smear it all over the place" anger in the morning. Because it's so bright, it can instantly make you look more awake and more put together with just a bit of foundation/concealer and mascara! Perfect for a lazy girl in the morning!  
Have you tried Lustering before? Let me know what are your favorite autumn lipsticks, please? 

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