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It's the first of September and I thought I should post. Which better than the First Time tag? I'm not going to make the usual, "No, it's not that first time, you pervert," but seriously, it's not that first time. Tagged by the lovely Dhara a while back, I had forgotten about this tag for the longest time. I know, I know, the shame! But I'm here doing it now, so that's what counts, right? So per usual, there are the "rules" were I have to share the firsts and the story behind, before tagging 10 other glorious people to do the tag. So that out of the way, let's get cracking to the fun stuff. 
Strangely enough, we didn't really have a lot of photos together when we were kids. This one was taken when she came to Taiwan to visit in 2001. 
First Best Friend?
I had a rough couple years in preschool. Every semester I'd make a best friend and then they'd move away the next. Until I met Patty. According to my mom, we were both quiet and didn't really talk to people, but the two of us instantly hit it off. We were always joined at the hip and would always have sleepovers where we didn't sleep and would spend the night making up stories. We actually wrote these "detective stories" that I now cringe when I read....After I moved back to Taiwan, we still kept in touch, but for near 12 years we didn't get to see each other or talk to each other. When I went back to Minnesota earlier this year, we finally had a chance to catch up in person! And the amazing thing is, while there was so much that we didn't know about the other person, it was still so easy to fall in sync. I think that's when you know you can really be friends for life. 
Another interesting fact? Patty's mom and my mom were actually high school classmates! 
First Kiss?
When I was 8 and my "boyfriend" David was dared to kiss me in front of the class. 
First Concert?
Are we talking "band concert" or "orchestra concert"? I've attended my fair share of concerts since I was a kid and still go to a couple a year now. But if we're talking about the "young people" concert, then I've only been to one. It was held by my high school and invited were the alumni - including one of the biggest bands here in Taiwan (Mayday). It was amazing but kinda ruined concerts as a whole for me because I was squashed between the stereo and the massive crowd. I went home temporarily deaf that day and started avoiding big concerts since. 
First Celebrity Crush?
I'll have to admit, I grew into celebrities late. I think my first crush, as weird as it might seem for a kid at 9, was George Clooney. Or rather Doug Ross on ER. I just remember wanting to have him as a doctor. It's slightly nervewrecking when you think about the age gap...especially since I was only 9.
First Word?
Mom? I don't know. That or probably some gibberish word that I thought made perfect sense in my pea-sized of a brain. 
First Pet?
My mom hated pets as she was always the one that had to do the cleaning, so I never got my first real pet until I was 8. One day my mom's friend just showed up at our house and handed me this most adorable hamster! Turned out, they were lab hamsters and this one wasn't needed so my mom's friend rescued him when she knew that I was nagging my mom for a pet. I named him Fluffy. I know, how original. But I loved to play with him and he would always cheer me up by stuffing his cheeks with food. In hindsight, he probably didn't do that to cheer me up. It would've been a happily ever after if it wasn't for my sister, who forgot to put the lid of the cage back on after she was done playing with Fluffy. He ran away...and never came back. I guess he didn't love me as much as I did him. *sobs*
First Job?
I didn't get my first job till I was 18. I was an English tutor for this little girl, and it was easy peasy. I was basically paid to read stories with the girl, make sure her pronunciation was accurate, and eat snacks. 
First phone? 
It was a white flip phone that I lost 6 months after getting it. 
First Tweet? 
After long minutes of scrolling and being distracted by my other tweets, I found it! More evidence that I watch too much tv and is a huge geek inside. 
First makeup?
I owned buckets of nail polishes when I was a kid. My mom would always buy those crappy sets you find in the little girl toy aisles for me, so I guess it's that? 

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