[The Disappoints] I would like my money back, please.


I am known for my impulse buys. I'm the perfect customer that'll just throw all my money in your face if you're nice to me and puts effort into making a product sound amazing. So while I've done my research, I've still gathered a fair amount of 'regrets', if you may. I was hesitant to put this up as it's a rather negative post, and I feel like I need to say this but it's just my personal opinion. I'm more than happy if you're a lover of one of these products below as it means you don't regret spending those bills on something that just takes up space. 
I know, a few of the products featured are going to have me be questioned as a blogger, but what can I say, they just don't work for me. I briefly mentioned this in The Weekend Face, but the MAC Studio Perfect SPF 15 Foundation is just not a favorite. The Asian version of MAC Studio Fix Powder, it's quite a heavy powder and can cake up way too easily. That said, it was originally meant to be a powder foundation, so it's supposed to be heavier than a finishing powder. But when I tried using it as a powder foundation a long time back, it was also caked up fairly easy and needed a decent spray of Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to eliminate the heavy powder look. It also has quite a matte finish. Overall, I think this would work better for those that have really oily skin. The next product, I also got quite early in my makeup stage and was sucked into the MAC hype. The MAC Prep and Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF50/PA++ (the name is quite redundant, isn't it?) isn't a bad product, but I bought this initially because the sales person told me that it was a primer. It's not a bad product, but it just isn't worth the money. It's not a primer, it's just a sunscreen that'll leave a slightly greasy sheen behind. The last product from MAC is the Studio Sculpt Concealer. Much loved and upset the fans when discontinued, I just couldn't get the hype around it. First off, it was definitely the wrong shade for me as it turned ashy when applied. But that aside, the product is quite creamy, which normally means that you would use under the eyes. But it was way too thick to use under the eyes without creasing. If you used it on blemishes, it would always slip and slide because it was too creamy. In short, other than the wrong shade, I wasn't sure where I should use this concealer. Between these and their blotting powder which I had to return because I was allergic to it, I lost all faith in the face/powder products from MAC. 
I've heard raves about Stila Kitten Eyeshadow and wanted to get my hands on it for the longest time. But apparently I didn't do my research and got the Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten, rather than the powder shadow. The color is gorgeous, but unfortunately the product is really dry. I stored it upside down for a couple months but when I took it out to use, I still had to use a hairdryer to soften the product. It still went on quite patchy and was quite impossible to blend out. It's a pity as the color is simply gorgeous! 
It's no secret that I'm a fan of Bobbi Brown products in general, but unfortunately, some of their products have disappointed me. First off, my first ever foundation, the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation. The shade match was perfect, amazing coverage, and it's seriously long lasting. I loved this foundation when my skin was on the oilier side of the spectrum. But now that my skin is more on the normal/combination side (thanks Clinque 3-step!), I find that it cakes up too easily. I would gladly recommend this to someone who has oily skin as it's a great foundation. Just not the one for me. Lastly, the Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush. Early in my makeup days, I didn't do enough research and was talked into buying this by the sales person when I purchased the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Set (review here). I struggled with this brush before finally ditching it to the back of my drawer. I just don't know the purpose of this brush as I prefer to either use fingers or a fluffy brush to blend out concealer. 
I was almost scared to include these in the post, but I just really don't get the hype around the Revlon Lip Butters. The color range is gorgeous, and Tutti Fruti is probably one of my favorites, colorwise. But of the three that I have, Macaroon is the only one that doesn't go on patchy and uneven. The wear time for these are ridiculously short and as a person that doesn't tend to check up on her makeup throughout the day, these aren't for me. And the fact that some of them contain chunks of glitter is just a no in my book. However, I do see the appeal in them as they give a pretty wash of color while being really hydrating. Another cult loved product, Benefit They're Real just doesn't work for me. The volume it gives can't compare to my Maybelline One by One, and not to mention it smudges like crazy. That said, I really like the torture-device-ball-end of the wand, it can really reach into the inner corners and clean out the clumps. I think I just don't get along with Benefit mascaras. Bad Gal Lash was the hype product several years ago and it was the first high end mascara I ever purchased. I used to really like it, but looking back, the constant panda eyes that I rocked was the result of this mascara smudging. I know that I could simply just go for the waterproof version but I love the huge brushes that come with the nonwaterproof version. Apparently, the waterproof version is aimed towards lengthening while the non-waterproof version is for adding volume. Weird, isn't it? Shouldn't they be aimed towards the same thing? 

It's been expressed more than once, but I have no self control when it comes to chucking my money in the faces of coherent sales people. I've gotten better at saying "no" the past couple months (not exactly evident as I've posted two haul posts in the past month, but I have! I swear!) Have you purchased any products that has disappointed you? Or do you think that I'm half out of my mind for wanting my money back for some of the products that I've mentioned? 
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