[The Essentials] If you're going on a sleepless 17-hour flight


 As this post goes live, I'm guessing I'll probably be somewhere over India....I think. But I definitely know I'll be up 3000-feet in the air somewhere between Bangkok and London. This is another post of me being nosey and assuming that everyone else likes being nosey as well, so I'm going to give you a peek of what's in my survival kit for the sleepless 17-hour flight. (For those of you that don't know, I'm moving to London for a year to study abroad. Those of you that know which school I'm going to, please don't advertise it as I'd like to keep the corner where I'll probably be looking sloppy from day to day a hush hush.)  

I don't wear any makeup to the airport nor on the plane. Mainly because most of the flight I've been on are pretty early in the morning, which means I'm en route even before the sun comes out to play and I just can't be bothered. But as I've started to realize airplane air is horrible for your skin. I started carrying some skincare with me the last couple flights I've been on and realized the difference a hydrating mask can make. The Origins Intensive Drink Up Mask and the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream (I always think that this product is meant to repair a third eye, instead of it being an extra repair cream. Did that make sense?) has prevented my skin from throwing a massive fiss during each flight, while the Lavender Hand Cream by Jurlique takes care of my dry hands. I keep some eye drops in my bag as well to prevent my eyes from massively drying out. And to freshen up, a toothbrush is a must. I'll be picking up a travel-sized toothpaste when I'm at the airport as I don't have any in my possession as I'm typing this up. I don't bring any hair products with me other than a couple elastic hairbands as I'm just going to be throwing my hair in a knot when it starts to get messy. I also buy a bottle of water after I past customs as I hate to always hassle the flight attendants for water when I'm basically up during the whole flight.
As for entertainment...In past flights, I've always brought a book with me and when I asked for your advice on how to survive a sleepless 17-hour flight in The Weekend Face and on twitter, a lot of you also said books. I know that kindle is the preferred method as it virtually takes up no space. But as I don't have that and hate reading on my iPad mini because of the glare, I opted for the good ol' fashioned paperback. Nerd alert. I don't think I'll ever give up a good material book even if I have it in an ebook form. There's just something about flipping pages and making sure that you don't ruin the bindings of a book that feels authentic and like you're actually reading. Nerd moment over. For this trip, I brought along The Hobbit and Lord of the Ring. I know, I know, I can't believe I haven't read the books yet. I'm looking forward to changing that on this trip. (On a side note: anyone here excited for The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug?) But I need to have choices, so I also brought along my iPad mini which is now filled with episodes of Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and SVU. And just in case I don't want to watch episodes that I've already watched half a dozen times, I also brought my iPod touch that has a couple audiobooks and a few hundred songs. Other than my regular earbuds, I also hauled with me that massive Sennheiser headset, while it doesn't completely cancel all noise, it does a pretty darn good job at blocking out the roar of the engines. I also brought my reading glasses and non-prescription glasses. Yes, I have reading glasses. It makes me sound like I'm 60. I swear, I'm not. I'm farsighted in my left eye and a bit near sighted in my right, so when I have to read for long periods of time, I use my reading glasses to lessen the tension on my eyes. As for the non-prescription glasses, I find that my eyes dry out less when I'm wearing glasses. And unless I want a headache from wearing my reading glasses all the time, I have a pair specially for those dry high-pressured cabins.

I hope that I'll be able to get some sleep on the plane and don't suffer from horrendous jet-lag that takes days to adjust to. I'll update you on that front. As for now, I'm back to queueing up a couple posts that'll hopefully keep you guys busy as I adjust to my new life in London! Give me some "must visit" places for the city and let me know what are your in-flight essentials in the comments! 

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