The Haul of Shame


I love everything I got in this haul. But the shame comes from the fact that I am supposed to be on a spending ban.Okay, let's back up for a moment here and let me tell you the amount of self-restraint I had for a second there that I'm more than proud of.
 Couple weekends ago, I was invited by MAC to their Fall Collection Launch here in Taipei. I didn't want to go because I knew I was going to break if I did. But my friends overheard me talking on the phone and they wanted to go, so I went and took them. At the event, both my friends had their makeup done and I refused to sit in the chair, because I'm a dream costumer, if you use anything on me or spend time on me, I'll buy practically everything you place on the table. But then my friends needed lipstick opinions as they were each getting one. So I was dragged over to the oh-so-pretty lipstick stand and was swatching like crazy. I thought I had every MAC lipstick I wanted, but when one starts swatching, one simply does not fall in love with a new color. I fell victim to Impassioned, I never thought I'd love that strong of a pink, but in the period we were standing in front of all the tempting tubes, I kept picking up the tubes of Impassioned (they had at least three different tubes on the stand) at least a dozen times. I don't know where that surge of self-restraint came from, but I said no to my friends urging me to try it out, said no to them tempting me to buy it (I know, they're horrible friends), and proudly walked out empty-handed. 
But you know when people tell you to not think of elephants? All week, I was thinking about how pretty the color was and I tried talking myself out of it, "Oh, it's too pink for you," "You'll never wear that color!" but when the weekend rolled by, I found myself in front of a MAC counter. I didn't want to go, not really, but I was in the neighborhood and I swear, there's a huge magnetic field around the place! And it was a pro-store, which meant the sales people there actually knew what they were doing and they are ridiculously nice. So I broke. And bought things. And I was going to hide this fact from you guys, because if a tree falls and no one hears it...I mean, I could pretend that I never threw my money in the faces of resplendent capitalism, but call it wanting to share the beauty of life with you guys. I couldn't just push these pretty things into the deep dark corner of blogging and place a blanket over it!
Enough with the ramble, let's move on to the details.

I should get a restraining order and not be allowed anywhere near a lipstick stand when I'm waiting for the sales people to finish up with her other customer. I went in wanting to get Impassioned, and also grabbed two other colors to try on when covering the whole back of my hand and inner wrist with pinks and corals (and a couple reds). Impassioned was sadly out of stock (at every MAC counter in Taiwan, thank God!) but I fell completely in love with Lustering. I always loved a matte face, but I've been going through a phase lately where I've been craving the radiant glow and highlighters have started popping up on my radar. The much raved about Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle looked so pretty in person, and the soft bronzy color seemed more up my alley than Lightscapaed. Hearing it can be used not only as a cheekbone highlighter, but also as an inner corner highlight and a beautiful eyeshadow? How does one reject such a multiuse product? (probably people with more self-restraint than I do) Lastly, remembering that I was at a prostore, I asked if they had restocked the empty palettes as they were completely sold out when I went several weeks back. (In hindsight, our MAC stores here aren't that properly stocked....) They had. So I added the empty quad into the tiny collection on the counter and picked out a few eye shadows that I wanted in pan form. Of the three that I picked, they only had Satin Taupe in stock. The sales tried convincing me to buy the other two in single shadows but I think the shame of breaking the spending ban in an embarrassingly short amount of time started to creep in and I said feebly said no. It was feeble, but it was a no. I guess I could be proud of that?
Anyway, I think I'm not going to be declaring a spending ban anytime soon, because again, don't think of elephants and all you want is to go and pet the darn elephant. But I'll try and lock myself at home, cleaning up the aftermath of an atomic bomb that's called my room to sort out things and prepare for my cross-continental move near the end of the month. My makeup collection is just getting heavier and heavier, and I can't afford to add to it to weigh down my luggage. (I mean seriously? I'm only allowed to bring 20 kilos of luggage to London?!) 

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