[The Update] Chinatown and Bears #2


So a lot of you guys wanted more lifestyle posts of my life in London. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm cracking my knuckles and trying to tickle the lifestyle blogger in me. 
The past week, I've spent a satisfied two days lounging in my jammies and trying to marathon what I've yet to catch up on a particular Korean show. Other than that, it's been desperately trying to learn how to cook up something decent, doing a little bit of shopping here and there, and spending hours wandering around the streets of London. I headed from my friend's place over to my campus midweek because I had to deal with some things. After that, I was trying to make my way to the nearest tube station, but ended up walking in the wrong direction. I could've panicked and started frantically asking for directions, but the weather was beautiful and I knew if I went back, it was going to be another couch potato kinda day. (I'm honestly a boring person...don't expect too much from me) I got lost and eventually stumbled upon Covent Garden before the Asian instincts in me brought me to Chinatown and then I wandered over to Regent Street, before managing to get back to Chinatown to meet up with a friend. Now, don't tell me to retrace my steps, with all the alleys and turns, I'm not sure how many circles I ended up walking around before finally making it to a place that was distinctive. 
(Les Mis! The musical that I more than want to go to!)
Day 9 in London and day 2 since I've moved into the dorms. Yesterday, after my friend helped me move in, we immediately went to Covent Garden as she was wanting to Build-A-Bear. I've never been to Build-A-Bear before and quite frankly, it's probably the most interesting store I've been to! I kind of want to work there among all the fluffy bears and bunnies. We then wandered around, did some shopping, I picked up some things (don't fret, there will be a haul post coming up soon) before we had dinner and I headed back to my dorms. Now, it probably doesn't show on my blog, but I'm ridiculously nervous and inept when it comes to meeting new people face to face. I'm just pathetically terrible at it. While I've briefly talked to some of my flatmates online before, it's quite different actually meeting them in person, so for the whole week, I've been nervous out of my pants about the actual meeting. 
But turns out, like most of the time, I was freaking myself out more than the situation actually required. The guys were incredibly nice and really easy going. There were a few awkward silences here and there, but there wasn't that "so when can I leave" itching feeling at the back of your head. I finally met the only other girl that lives in the same flat this morning, and again, I was blessed with ridiculously nice and funny flatmates. I think I'm really looking forward to this year. 
Oh yeah, the Euro Star runs straight in front of my dorms, so the clanking of rails is slightly annoying. 

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