[Review] Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge: The time Calypso detained my heart.


I'm trying out this new thing where I try my best to come up with witty titles that don't suck...that much. I'm still easing into things ladies, so bear with me for a couple of posts. If things don't work out, we'll go back to the standard titles. 

One of the products in my makeup collection that has the prettiest colors, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral is something that I've not been able to stop staring at. I first introduced this to you in my wallet breaking haul post a couple weeks back and you guys all loved it, I mean, really, who wouldn't? Even if it isn't a color you normally wear, you can't deny that it's just so darn pretty! (okay, seriously? This cream blush was the hardest product to photograph as to date, in every photo, it was a different shade of coral. It was like 50 shades of coral when i was editing. And strangely, the real color didn't really show in any of the dozen I took. It's somewhere between the neon orange in the reflection and pinky coral in the pan.) 
Before attending the Pretty Powerful event, I was asking on twitter what was the one thing that I needed to get from Bobbi Brown, and a couple of you said a pot rouge. So even if the makeup artist didn't use that on me that day, I just had to ask to see the products in person and immediately, I knew I had to detain Calypso Coral in my makeup collection, just as the nymph did to do Odysseus. It's a beautiful bright coral that looks almost scary in the pan. But it actually goes on quite sheer, and Bobbi Brown is definitely the queen of natural makeup as the flush that these cream blushes give is amazingly natural. The glow is beautiful and really looks like you're radiating warmth and happiness and love. I usually use a stippling brush to apply cream blushes as I'm not prone to using fingers, but I've found that with the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, fingers are definitely the way to go. A stippling brush can easily pick up too much product, and since these are very pigmented, it's too easy to look like a clown. But gently tapping my ring finger a couple times gives me the perfect amount for each cheek, and it also helps warm up the product, melting the product into the skin to create that seamless flush. The only thing that was a let down was the lasting power. I have combination skin, slightly on the oily side in the summer. This started fading four hours in, and when I got home by the end of a 10-hour day, it was like I never had this on. I find that it does hold up longer if you add a powder blush on it, though.
The packaging is your standard Bobbi Brown black round compact that's reassuringly sturdy enough to hold up to the occasional butter fingers. It also has a mirror inside that's big enough so you can check areas of your makeup, but too small to do the full facial check. The only flaw in the packaging is the material of it. It looks sleek and beautiful and expensive...until you touch it. Unless you're wearing gloves, you're instantly smudging the beautiful outside with the oils on your fingers. It's tragic, really. 

I absolutely love this product and have been fully abusing it since I purchased it. I'd recommend the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge to everyone, unless you're on the oily side. I'd probably test it out at counters and see how long it holds up before you make the splurge. Have you tried any of the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge? 

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