[The Update] Retainers and London


I haven't done any life posts in the past couple months. Mostly because life started getting routine and I wasn't sure that me bickering with my sister would interest any of you. But as there has been some massive changes in my life the past couple weeks, I thought I'd embrace the lifestyle blogger that's somewhere in me and give you guys an update. 

I should've taken a photo to show you guys, but just before I left Taiwan, I went to my Orthodontist for the last time in at least a year's time to take off my braces. I've only had them for about 16 months so it was premature removal as my orthodontist thought it was for the best. It's still not perfect, but it's come a long way since last year. I still can't stop running my tongue over my teeth, marveling at how smooth they are. And sometimes when I'm brushing my teeth, I keep expecting my toothbrush to hit the braces; or I expect veggies and other foods to get trapped in the deeper parts of my braces. I'm still adjusting to life without the metal on my teeth and I kinda miss them. I'm also still trying to remember to put my retainers back on, so I'd be utterly grateful if you could remind me every now and then to put my retainers back on.
At the moment, I'm munching on Salt & Pepper Pringles (Why didn't I know about this flavor earlier???), sipping on a hot mug of Earl Grey while waiting for last night's lasagna to defrost in my friend's house in London. (Yes, I'm snacking before dinner. I just walked 4 hours straight in Central London so it's totally justified) It's been four days since I've set foot on the UK and after a weekend of catching up with my friend, I finally made it out of the suburbs and into Central London this afternoon. 
Surprisingly, I didn't suffer from any jet lag. I think that's what 25 sleepless hours will do to you. I landed at London Heathrow around 7 pm, it was just shy of 8:30 when I passed customs and was on the tube for the first time. Mind you, at this point, my friend who came to pick me up didn't even bother talking to me as I was already halfway to wonderland at that point. A shower later, I was already knocked out on the "bed of death" (it's so comfy, you can't get up after you lie down on it. Hence the name) I've been maintaining the healthy sleep routine of 11-7 (I'm like a reverse 7-11), who knows how long this 8-hour routine will last? 
The only thing I don't like is how hard the water here in London is. My hair is not liking it at all and is throwing a massive hissy fiss. After a furious research online yesterday, apple vinegar and filtered water seems to be the solution as I can't insert a water filter into my dorm room's shower head. So does anyone know any products that'll help combat the effects of hard water damage? Please let me know in the comments below! 
I'm still coming to grips with the different currencies, taking up way too much time in the checkout line flipping over each coin to check how much it's worth, and the whole "changing trains at the tubes" thing. Among a mountain-load of other unfinished tasks, I still have yet to get my Student Oyster Card and open a bank account. Oh, and I still haven't set foot in Boots yet. I have, however, enjoyed the yumminess of Gingerbread Latte from Costa, and Pret's Chicken Jalapeno Chicken Hot Wrap. Who says that the UK doesn't have good food? 

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