The Weekend Face


I call this the weekend face, but it's mostly what I've been wearing the past week. This week, I've been scrambling around to get my stuff packed, that means my makeup as well. While it's still not snug in my luggage, it's already packed in a box that's so organized, I almost pain to rummage through it. So I've been sticking to the things that will be packed in my carry-on. 
(I think I'm more in love with this wood background, compared to the white one that I had for previous posts. What do you think?)
I haven't been attending any major events the past week, so the times that I do need to put on makeup are usually when I'm on out to dinner with my family, need to run some last minute errands (Bought new camera lens! Yay!), or just want to take a break from all the packing. I've been trying to use up the samples of foundation I have in my collection and one that I'm most sad finishing up is the NARS Sheer Glow. Now, before you go on yelling "Holy crap! That's a huge sample!", I should clarify that I had one of those packets samples so I emptied the contents into this smaller container. This sample has lasted me about a week or so and I think it'll continue to last me till I leave on Friday. I really like this foundation, it gives decent coverage and the finishing is beautiful. All the while you don't feel like you're wearing anything on your skin. Sometimes I skip concealer because I'm find that the coverage this foundation provides is enough for me to go out and not look so 'woah, what did this girl do to her skin', today was one of those days. But to give it some more coverage, instead of going for a translucent powder, I opted to set the foundation with MAC Studio Perfect SPF 15 Foundation, which is basically MAC Studio Fix Asian version. I'm not in love with this powder as it can look cakey and heavy quite easily, but I've got to use this up someday, right? Might as well now when I don't have to look all fantastic. 
With the NARS Sheer Glow and the MAC Studio Perfect Powder combined, my already barely-existing cheekbones have lost all structure. To sculpt and add a bit of color back to the flat canvas, using NYX Powder Blush in Terra Cotta is a great move.  The coppery peachy shade is a multi-tasker at being a blush while adding some definition and contour back to the face. 
 I've been skipping eyeshadow quite a bit lately as I just can't be bothered. Sometimes I'll throw on a bit of MAC Woodwinked, or Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, or do some crease action. But the past few days, between desperately trying to skim down my makeup collection to meet the 20 kg luggage limit, trying to imagine how the hell am I going to get through a sleepless 17-hour flight, and just wanting to spend time with my family, I've been keeping the eyes quite simple. Curled lashes, a couple coats of Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof and I'm done. Lip products is the one thing that I've switched up quite a few times in the past couple weeks as well. They're just the easiest way to jump out of an otherwise bland look. Grabbing the tail of the days I have left here in the tropic island, I've been embracing the warm oranges and corals. Revlon JBKBS in Rendezvous is a beautiful stain that I don't have to worry about when applying and throughout the day. Plus, that minty scent it has is always a plus in my book! 
What's been on your face the past weekend? Anyone out there that can't sleep on flights as well? Please tell me your tips on how to make the flight more comfortable! (But I guess I got it good as I have an aisle seat! Yay!) 

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