Currently Loving #1


I really like sharing things that I love and to wait every 30 days to share monthly favorites is too long.  It also means that some products will fall through the cracks and that's never a fun thing. So I think every once in a while, I'll do these kind of posts. Today's post is all about the newbies that have been added to my collection ever since moving to London a little over three weeks ago. 
London is very different from Taipei. In fact, other than they're both major cities, I'd say that they weren't even remotely alike. So to adjust to the wind and the weather and the hard water, I've been testing out a lot of new products as the old ones I brought with me didn't seem to work. The miracle skincare product that I have completely fallen victim to is the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask. I'll be drafting a review of this product soon enough, I'm just waiting for a few things to be taken care of. But before then, to not torture you and have you complain that I leave you out to dry, I'll tell you this: the hype? Totally worth it. 
As much as I love my Smith Rose Salve, I'm sad to say that it just wasn't cutting it for that intense moisture boost, especially with the crazy winds that have been particularly nippy the past couple days. Nuxe Reve de Miel is the lip balm that I slap on first thing in the day and last thing at night. It immediately relinquishes the dry, cracked lips and leaves them feeling so soft and plump. If you could only have one lip care product in your stash, look no further, this one from Nuxe is your choice.
Moving onto makeup, I've been enjoying the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. While I'm still on the fence to see if it's good enough to replace my Sigma F80 to apply foundation, I really love this brush for how multipurpose it is. There are days when I just can't be bothered to reach out my hand and grab another makeup brush. Those days, I use this brush to complete the look - from foundation to concealer, from highlighting to contour. If you want to see the final one-brush face look, let me know in the comments below.
Last but not least, I've only recently purchased MAC Mythical but I've been loving it as a brow shade. Initially, I thought it would be too light for my eyebrows, but after application, I immediately realized the shattered shadow I depotted from my NYX palette and used as a brow filler was too dark. And hence, changing to this has made my brows look soft while not loosing its edge at the same time. Eyebrow application has never been this satisfying, ever.
 So that's it, these four have been the spot light products for the past couple weeks. How about you, what have you been currently loving?
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