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This week flew by, but at the same time, it was like every second was five hours which I'll go into detail in my London Update post (which I'll work on as soon as I need another break from studying). But apologizing for the lack of updates the past couple weeks, I present to you the most used products of the past week. 
(yes, that is me taking a break from studying and too lazy to clean my desk...)
I've been updating my skincare routine to fit the London weather the past several weeks and I think I've worked out something that'll be able to satisfy the picky needs of my skin. I'll be doing a skincare routine post some time soon. But before then, I'll let you have a pick on my moisturizer pick. The Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer has been relieving my skin of flakiness and it smells so yummy! In fact, this was the one product that launched off the "renovate skincare routine" project. 
I did a little retail therapy throughout the week and this morning to relieve the school stress, and one of the things I picked up was the Sleek Blush in Pomegranate. I've heard raves about the blushes from Sleek for the longest time and when I went to swatch them at Superdrug, they really didn't disappoint. So I might have picked up a couple. Pomegranate has been the one that I've reached for most often this week as it's a beautiful deep berry shade that screams autumn! I don't have any blushes of this hue so this was definitely something fun to try out! 
I don't have a lot of deep lipsticks. Mainly because I've yet to trend into that field. MAC See Sheer (review here) is probably the darkest one that I have, and it's not all that dark! I loved this shade over the summer, but then forgot about it when I jumped to using more brighter corals. But this week, as I've been going slightly grunge with my outfit, the bright blue-toned pinks just weren't working. Plus See Sheer is a great everyday color that's appropriate for school. I can definitely see this slowly becoming my goto shade. 
Last but not least, the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I've been wanting this for the longest time but kept forgetting to purchase it. I'm glad that I did because I managed to pick this up when Boots had their 1/3 off selected L'oreal products. Simply put, this is marvelous! I've been battling with the effects of hard water since arriving in London and I'm happy to say that I think I've won. My hair is now baby soft and lovely, if I can say so myself. I'll be doing a post on this product and another wonder product soon, so keep an eye out for that!  
What were your favorite products for the past week? Let me know! 

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