I slick oil in my hair.


I remember talking to the flatmates a couple weeks back. We were talking about how my friend splurged out a small fortune on shampoos from Aesop and the guys just looked at us girls like we had sprouted two heads and turned into a weird shade of purple. They asked us about the difference in shampoos and how much we each owned before shaking their heads and sighing, we'll always have Head and Shoulders. Oh, the silly boys. 
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
If you've been reading PB&C Life for the past month or so, you'll probably remember that my hair had a small tantrum when I first moved to London because of the annoying hard water. I'm glad to say that I've finally found something to counteract the effects and leave my hair softer than a duckling's fuzz. I'm not going to talk about shampoos today despite the introduction story. But rather two oils that have definitely been game changers.
The L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil has been something I've always wanted to pick up since it's release. I finally remembered to pick it up at Boots when it was on sale several weeks ago.Upon first application, I could immediately feel the difference. My hair was already pretty soft, but this pushed it to a whole new level of softness. I've never really had to use styling products in my hair before, but I find that after using this, my hair is soft to the point I need to put something in my hair to give it some structure. Not that I mind. Compared to the oils I've used in the past, this is more like liquid in consistency. And I find that it's easier to go overboard with it because of the thinner consistency. While it won't look greasy as I only apply to the ends of my hair, it'll feel more heavy and slightly bunch together. But overall, it's definitely a product you should add to your stash, especially if you have dry hair. 
Virgin Coconut Oil is something that has a huge hype around it, despite not being a 'real' beauty product. I finally managed to pick this up at Waitrose after weeks of searching as it was always sold out. While I've been putting oils in my hair for a couple years, but the thought of actually "putting oil" in my hair was something that terrified me. What if it's hard to completely wash out and I'm left looking like the slick from a bad 80s movie? One Sunday, I managed to suck it up and worked a handful of the coconut oil to the ends of my hair and leave it in for around 30 minutes. Near an hour later, I stepped out of the shower and marveled at A) how easy it was to wash the coconut oil out of my hair, and B) how ridiculously soft my hair felt. Because this is more of a heavy duty product, I only use it once a week. Usually following my clarifying shampoo. 
The two of these paired together definitely bring a whole new definition to "soft hair". If you've been trying to battle coarse, dry hair, then try one (or both!) of these products and let me know how you've gotten on with them! 

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