[The Review] MAC Club: Clubbing the Night Away (and a dupe)


I don't like clubbing, it's just not my scene. I've only been once but the crowded, dry humping dance just wasn't for me. Maybe the I just went to the wrong club...but not everything that night was horrible, there were still some great memories. But that's a story for next time I ever feel the urge to get really  personal  
Although I'm not a clubbing person, if we're talking about MAC Club, then I'm totally up for it. I was captivated by this shade since the first time I saw it at a MAC counter more than a year back. But being the eyeshadow newbie I was back then, I was hesitant to purchase such a dark shade as I wasn't sure I'd be able to wear it without looking like I was punched in the eye. But fast forward several months and I was searching high and low for this in pan form as I didn't want another single shadow in fear of losing it among my vast makeup collection. As it was always sold out in Taiwan, that inkling that we just weren't meant to be started manifesting. But on a recent trip to the MAC Pro store around Covent Garden, I finally managed to pick this baby up and boy oh boy was I excited. 
(I apologize for the horrible condition of my skin - it's been stressing out quite a bit lately) 
If you've been around the beauty blogsphere for a while, I'm sure you would've heard of this duochrome eyeshadow before. It's a red/coppery shade that has teal and gold in it. Basically just think  peacock feather. It's one of the most stunning things to look at in the pan, with the tilt of the head, slight change of the light, it can go from teal to brown, from brown to green, and green to blue, before going back to teal again. If you apply it bare to the lids, as I did in the pictures, the color is more coppery, brown. And best of all (for me that is) is that it doesn't go on that intense. Meaning that I can wear it during the day without people thinking that I've got my day and nights reversed. If you pair this with a dark base underneath (not pictured, but I just smudged my black eyeliner to use as a base), the teal and greens really come out and catch the light. It's also a lot more intense if you have a dark base. This look, I definitely wouldn't wear to school as I'm sure the professors would not take me seriously at all if I did. 
MAC eyeshadows aren't the cheapest thing, and I know that a lot of you are reluctant to shell out so much on a single shadow you don't even know if you'll use. Don't worry, I know how that feels and I've got your back on this one. This duochrome eyeshadow has a pretty similiar, if not the same color dupe for just a fraction of the price. The duochrome Definer shade from the Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone Palette is not only similar in color and has the same amazing holographic effect, the quality of the drugstore brand can par with MAC shadows. (Well, the lasting power for the WnW shadows are slightly questionable - they start fading on me after 4 hours of wear with a primer) The only difference I would say is that when applied over bare lids, the Wet n Wild one is a bit more teal/blue, as Club is slightly more brownish. I actually did a comparison in the photo. I wore MAC Club on my right eye (left side of the photo) and the Definer Shade on my left. You can see that there's barely a difference under normal lighting. So if you want to try out MAC Club without giving up the price of a pizza dinner, then see if you can get your hands on the WnW palette, even if just for this one color, the price is totally worth it!  
Oh, one last thing about this shadow: always remember to wash your brush after using this and before another shadow. MAC Club has the ability to grip onto every fibre in your brushes and there's no way you can tap off the excess, use another shadow without the strong coppery brown ruining the look. Also there's quite some fallout with this shadow, so unless you want to do what I did and learn it the hard way, I'd suggest you do your eyes first before moving onto the base and the rest of your face. (As idiotic as it sounds, it took me three tries before I finally realized that the fallout of this shadow was the cuprit of the smudge under my eyes. Of course, I had to take everything off for the third time...#lifefail) Have you tried MAC Club before?

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