[The Update] Brunch and Premiere #6


Ahh - it's been forever since I've had to go on daylight savings. I've forgotten how good an extra hour of gifted sleep felt like. Let's back up a bit and I'll recap the exciting week that I had. 
 I had literally just gotten back to the house when my friend called me and was all "GUESS WHERE I AM??" Turns out she had stumbled upon the Thor 2 Premiere. Upon hearing that there was the slim chance I'd be able to see Tom Hiddleston and Christopher Eccleston with my own eyes, I was out the door in less than 30 seconds. Honestly, I don't think that I've ever been out the door so fast before. I met up with my friend who had managed to get first row stands on the side. Long story short, we queued for a long while before the event finally started. The actors showed up one by one, with Christopher Eccleston opening the highlight of the premiere. The Whovian in me nearly burst into tears when I saw his face show up on the big screen and when I heard him talk, I think I had tears of joy pooling up. Tom Hiddleston's appearance was definitely the highlight of the whole event. Bless - that's really all you can say about him. (Well, at least all you can say without involving a long string of curse words) He was so precious with his puppy dog eyes and huge smile. It started raining really hard halfway through the event and my friend and I were about to leave as it seemed that the only people that was coming our way were the people that were attending the premiere. If there are any people that are crazy youtube fans out there, you should definitely stick around. All of a sudden, my friend spotted Jack and Finn from Jack's Gap. I'll be honest, I didn't know who they were before that second. All I knew was that they were ridiculously cute. Bless my friend for having an umbrella. Finn stopped to talk to us and he was so freaking nice. He was very genuine and asking about our lives in London and hoped that we would enjoy it. He also gladly took photos with us, but while I bless my friend for having an umbrella, I nearly cursed her for not actually taking the photo of me and Finn. Almost immediately after Finn left, Dan from danisnotonfire showed up. He also ducked under my friend's umbrella to talk to us and take photos. Again, he was so nice and genuine and hilarious. The sweetest thing was that when we were talking to him and my friend mentioned that I had a friend who was his huge fan but sadly couldn't be there, the first thing he said was Do you want me to ring her? Just like that. Without hesitation. It's ridiculously crazy how down to earth these famous youtubers are even though they have millions of subscribers. 
I might have been a bit excessive when it came to shopping this week. I popped into Joy the Store midweek initially to check out some birthday gifts for the flatmates. But after browsing and trying on a couple dresses, I walked out sans gifts for the guys, but two items for me. The blouse and the dress cost me a small fortune, but I justified it by the amount of compliments I got when wearing them later in the week. I didn't buy the dress shown in the photo as I was annoyingly between sizes. I also received my Topshop order in the mail this week. I bought a new pair of jeans online and practically guessed my size. When I pulled out the jeans, I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to fit in them. But the small voice in my head told me to try in the secrets of my room. I did and they're so freaking comfy! I dropped a few jean sizes since arriving here in London and I think that has something to do with the excessive amount of walking I'm doing every day. I checked my bank account a couple days ago, and I'm starting to think I should go on a budget as my money is kinda just, well, you know, slipping away. Why do all things start looking more and more beautiful as soon as you want to go on a budget? But while we're on the shopping topic, I'm in need of a new bag. I kinda want something that I can use for school and when I go out. So preferably shoulder bags with some size would be better. Does anyone know where I can get nice ones that are of reasonable price? 
What would be a weekly update here at PB&C Life without food? I went out for brunch at Le Pain Quotidien at Covent Garden with some friends midweek. Well, I say brunch, but it was more like lunch. Probably due to stress, but we all started ordering like crazy and each spent an injustifable amount of money on food. The main dish that I got was really good, but I wouldn't recommend the flourless brownies. It's not that it's not good. Lord no, it's delicious. Just for the same price, get the raspberry tart. That was amazing. 
I can't believe I forgot to take a photo but my friend, Esther (who just started her blog that you can find here) made me my first Shabbat. Remember the theme nights that my flat would have every week? This week it was jewish and there was this braided bread that was just gloriously amazing. Not to mention that we all went upstairs to the common room afterwards and had a intense ping-pong battle to work off the calories.
 My friend came to sleep over on Friday and we went to Yumchaa for tea in the afternoon. I already have a small stash of their tea in my cabinet, but I couldn't resist adding a pack of Gunpowder Mint to my collection after having it in stores. It was the first time I went to their stores as I previously bought the teas at their stand in Camden Lock Market. I really think that the stores are a nice place to study and am planning on planting myself there some time next week with some tea and a brownie before I tackle on my readings. 
Oh yeah, my friend also took me for my Nando's christening this week. I can't believe I've been in London for over a month and still haven't been to Nando's yet. It seems to be the place that everyone raves about. I got their chicken breast burger that was pretty nice. But what I really liked best were their fries (or chips, depending on where you're from)! The mysterious piri piri salt is just glorious and had me licking my fingers and cleaning the plate afterwards. Something that I really liked from Nando's as well, is their ice cubes. They have those shattered ice cubes, not the cube ones. I think I might have munched on at least 3 glasses of ice cubes before I walked out of the store feeling very very cold. 
While walking my friend back to the tube station, I managed to get a shot of the magical rainbow fountain. It's absolutely stunning, isn't it? Watching the water dance while the colors change has got to be the most mesmerizing thing, if it wasn't for the brisk wind.
Overall, I'd say it was another pretty exciting week. The only bad thing is that I'm so behind on my readings and that's probably what I should go back to doing now.
How was your week? 

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