[The Update] Jo Malone and Nutella #5


I know, I was meant to get this up yesterday but due to my laziness and the sheer amount of school work that I have accumulated, I apologize for getting this up late. 
School seriously hit the ground running. Week two and I'm already swamped in readings. I wasn't the most diligent student back when I was in Taiwan, but here, it's a whole different story. I still slack around and feel unmotivated to study every now and then, but most days, I really look forward to doing the readings and going to classes/lectures. I think it might be because it's more free-range here, I'm not limited to specific modules and can actually choose topics that I'm interested in. There's even this one class that I actually look forward to going to every week! Imagine that! 
Midweek, my friend and I popped over to John Lewis to check out some things, I bought a new skincare item that will be featuring on the blog soon. And my friend gleefully handed over her card and purchased a small fortune at Jo Malone. I'm not a big perfume person as I always forget to spray it, but the Lime Basil and Mandarin Diffuser she bought smells utterly divine! I love going over to her room to just get a whiff of the hint of elegant tropical (and the fact that she always has food in her room doesn't hurt either)
Speaking of food, I'm starting to think that my weekly updates wouldn't be complete without a couple  a lot of food updates. Really though, I can't help that I have amazing flatmates that cook like it's no one's business. My friend cooked the most amazing Japanese/Oriental lunch the other day. I know this girl can cook, but I didn't know that the girl could cook. Her Udon noodles were freaking good and it was like I was paying big bucks to eat in Japan. Oh and I also helped out with cooking that day. I've never really cooked in my life and that day was definitely an eyeopener. My flatmate, of course, couldn't be beaten and he made a lasagna-like pasta that has a fancy french name I can't remember and it was so good. He even made the white sauce (that also has a fancy french name) from scratch! UGH, every week I thank God for giving me such amazing roommates!
(We were probably too eager for the lasagna to finish,and were staring at the oven, watching the cheese bubble up like children on christmas eve) (For privacy reasons, my flatmate adopts the face of a horse) 
While I don't cook, I love baking. I tired out a new Nutella-Sandwich Cookie recipe over the weekend because A) I love Nutella and B) my friend has never tried Nutella before because it 'isn't her thing'. I know, right? Nutella is everyone's thing. Needless to say, the moment she declared that, my whole flat was all NUTELLA IS LIFE. So I made it my personal mission to have her try out Nutella and she loves cookies so what better way than to make Nutella sandwich cookies? I can't say I was terrifically pleased with the way things turned out as the sandwich cookies looked ridiculously ugly. But before I had a chance to throw them away and make a new batch, my other friend ate one and declared that they were the best thing she's ever had. It turned out to be quite yummy despite the really ugly appearance. My flatmate even ate four in a row. The friend that has never tried Nutella before? She liked these cookies, so hopefully, she'll be giving Nutella a chance now. 
How was your week? And special thanks to Annie for lending me most of these food photos as I was an idiot and forgot to bring my phone with me most of the week. 

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