[The Update] Lectures and Pizza #4


The life blogger in me has been pretty consistent. Week four and I'm still going strong. This week has been a marvelous and busy one. Shopping, studying, eating (a lot!) and catching up with some friends, I can only foresee next week being more amazing!

I've been here in London for four weeks and I've finally started lectures. It's slightly confusing as there are lectures, classes, and seminars. And the fact that I only have eight hours total of four units is also something to adjust to. The Associate Dean did tell all the study abroad students that this uni was all about self-learning at the welcome event, though. And the heavy load of reading for each lecture is enough to prove it. I was in the library after my first course, borrowing books and downloading the online material to prep for the classes. Trust me when I say that has never happened before. I love books and reading in general, but if there's one place that I avoid like the plague, it's uni libraries. But checking out the library at the school I'm currently attending, it's a lot different from the one back home. The one back home was always arctic cold and really dusty, but the one here is simply marvelous. No joke, the first time that me and my friend went to the library, we spent near an hour pouring over the old archives. Did you know that the British government published a handbook specifically on how to raise a child during wartime back in the Second World War?
My friend was in a horrible state early this week from um, food. (trust me when I say that you really do not want me to go into detail) So when she recovered the next day, we made a celebratory trip to Oxford Street to check out the stores. She managed to buy the most gorgeous, versatile skirt that I'm sure I'll be borrowing from time to time as we're both the same size. And one of the most embarrassing things happened, I forgot to put money on my debit card. I didn't even realize that until my card was invalid to use at the Origins Counter. I ended up owing my friend a butt load of money. (don't worry, I already paid her back) Oh and I also got hit on by a grown man who's name is Taffy. Really? Taffy? Anyways, that was funny. 

(My mom knit this! Isn't she amazing?!)
The package that my mom sent me finally arrived! My coffee machine, a couple sweaters that my mom knitted that wasn't able to fit in my luggage and knitted scarves finally made way into my closet. Well, they're currently scattered in a corner of my bed, but I'll move them into the closet soon enough. I had a sudden wave of nostalgic when I saw the familiar postal box and my mom's handwriting on it. I also had a long skype session with my mom one early morning when I couldn't sleep. It's nice to be able to have those long talks with my mom. 
(People never manage to get the spelling of my name right...but this misspelling has got to be the coolest one yet) 
You guys probably could've gathered that I live with a lot of people. I share a flat with five other people and except for one dude, the rest of us are pretty close. Midweek, my Belgium flatmate cooked another amazing dinner and we started getting personal by dishing out relationship stories and personal experiences. Using offense as a defense, I didn't retell my whole story, but they seemed to get the gist. My Belgium flatmate made it his personal mission to help me find a guy this year, and he also taught me how to fend off unwanted attention on the street next time a grown man with a ridiculous name tries to get my number and a cup of coffee. Have I mentioned that I have amazing roommates?
(The cookie was HUGE)
The first attempt at gooey chocolate centered cookies. 
Rice balls with sesame filling!
Food this week has been wonderful. Other than the Belgium pasta that my flatmate made this week, my friend A cooked up the most delicious tomato basil soup. And we also cooked sesame rice balls as we were feeling nostalgic when we were at Chinatown. I also wakened the baker that was hibernating in me and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies that was a huge hit in the flat. One of the guys nearly inhaled the cookies at a speed that my friend A nearly wasn't able to have one. I'm thinking of making brownies next weekend, or the ice cream pie recipe that I stumbled upon this morning. We'll see. 
And while we're on the topic of food, the most depressing thing almost happened last night. A couple friends and I were fancying pizza for dinner so we called Dominos to deliver. Did you know that they could put you on hold when you called in? I definitely didn't, but since it was a Friday night, I didn't complain. And then it took another 10 minutes to get the pizza finally ordered as there was a lot of miscommunication. Dominos told us that the pizza would be delivered in an hour. Friday night, there was probably a lot of lazy people like me that didn't want to go out. So we waited. And waited. And waited. An hour passed and we decided to go downstairs to the lobby to wait, thinking that maybe they didn't know how to navigate their way around the dorms. And we waited. An hour and a half later, after three unpickedup calls, we basically given up the idea of pizza ever arriving. Being ditched by pizza delivery, take a minute to let how depressing that is. Oh, first world problems! I had just went to A's room to convince her to give us last minute emergency dinner when the pizza finally came! I have never seen a bunch of people ever going hyper over pizza delivery, but it happened. A little let down was that I had ordered pepperoni, but they delivered a weird half and half of two flavors that I could not recognize. I was famished and it was pizza so I ate it anyways. It was nice, but it wasn't as good as the good ol' pepperoni. 
So that was my week. My weekend will be spent catching up on reading as I've slacked on it on Friday. How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?

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