Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you!


Happy Turkey Day! Or as traditionally known as, Happy Thanksgiving! Truth be told, I haven't celebrated this holiday since moving away from America more than a decade ago. This year, although based in London, I was invited to a couple Turkey dinners, but chances are, this time tomorrow, I'll still be weeping over not finishing the essay that's due on Friday. (Oh yeah, I'm typing this up on a Wednesday afternoon, when I'm supposed to be tackling that essay) 
Although I'm not celebrating this holiday, I wanted to take this opportunity to count off the things I'm thankful for in the past year. 
- to be able to go back to Minnesota after more than a decade and meet up with old friends (read about it here)
- to be able to get the summer internship working with amazing people
- to have the chance be the Interpreter for a Guinness World Record Adjudicator (read about it here)
- to find love and learn things about myself that I thought was lost (I'm 22 and I've never had a boyfriend)
- earning the chance to have a year of study abroad in London
- to come to London with one of my best friends
- to be able to study what I love here
- to meet amazing people and make a home away from home here in the big city
- my family that keeps me in on the latest gossip that's happening back home
- not starving and still having a place to live after throwing so much money at the makeup companies
- establishing a good sleep routine here in London
- able to watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary live, and (soon) Sherlock
- able to see David Tennant in person in several weeks
- finding the motivation to get back into blogging
- the amazing people that I've met through blogging
- EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU THAT'S READING THIS POST. I wouldn't have made it this far into blogging if it weren't for YOU. 

I know I'm probably missing a bajillion things as I'm making this list. There are so many things I'm grateful for, but more often than not, they slip through the cracks of time being unnoticed. I think I might make lists of things I'm thankful for a regular thing? We'll see. 

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